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I'm not sure - what be the reasons or justification to go to war with Russia? Dan Apr 2022 #1
As a response sarisataka Apr 2022 #3
Using Iraq 2003 as a precedent? Bucky Apr 2022 #13
They are not our allies.... Dan Apr 2022 #14
WTF??? CrackityJones75 Apr 2022 #2
There are near daily threads sarisataka Apr 2022 #6
We should not declare war. CrackityJones75 Apr 2022 #7
I agree and also sarisataka Apr 2022 #8
That poster even clarified within the thread Mariana Apr 2022 #15
Yet some said yes there sarisataka Apr 2022 #27
Right. CrackityJones75 Apr 2022 #33
We are already intervening. Are we at war? lagomorph777 Apr 2022 #26
Are American soldiers shooting at Russian soldiers? sarisataka Apr 2022 #28
If Russia decided to start rolling across Europe, invading NATO countries, yes. yagotme Apr 2022 #4
I voted no, though in a sense we are already at war. Marvin Marvin Apr 2022 #5
Thank you, sarisataka, for slicing through the bullshit. Mariana Apr 2022 #9
I have low tolerance for intellectual dishonesty sarisataka Apr 2022 #16
+100. MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #29
The U.N. should authorize a peacekeeping mission ripcord Apr 2022 #10
Even if a "peacekeeping mission" could get approved Mariana Apr 2022 #18
The U.N. stated objective in the Korean was was to establish peace ripcord Apr 2022 #23
Why not just call them "soldiers" whose mission would be "combat"? Mariana Apr 2022 #35
No. Don't expect a war with Russia to have some kind of rules. It won't. Ukraine is not asking us dameatball Apr 2022 #11
We should declare war on the real enemy - milestogo Apr 2022 #12
Silly USALiberal Apr 2022 #17
How so? nt sarisataka Apr 2022 #21
lol ok nt Torchlight Apr 2022 #43
No. Iggo Apr 2022 #19
No, of course not, as that would almost guarantee a nuke launch. Celerity Apr 2022 #20
The question is would an "intervention" sarisataka Apr 2022 #25
NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that fucking clear enough? Shanti Shanti Shanti Apr 2022 #22
We declare war on Russia, what does China do? Rizen Apr 2022 #24
I think China would sit it out. Their nukes aren't needed by either side. marie999 Apr 2022 #32
https://www.usa.gov/join-military brooklynite Apr 2022 #30
A call away... yagotme Apr 2022 #34
Very satisfied, so far, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #31
Me too, gives me faith that the majority of DUers think President Biden is Emile Apr 2022 #38
It is reassuring on one hand sarisataka Apr 2022 #39
Yep, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #41
"There is no doubt we would "win" but there will be a cost yet to be determined. " Strelnikov_ Apr 2022 #36
It was meant to be sarisataka Apr 2022 #40
This is a matter for Europe to decide... AntiFascist Apr 2022 #37
Absolutely not, because... LuckyCharms Apr 2022 #42
Yes voters should sign up for service tenderfoot Apr 2022 #44
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