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42. Absolutely not, because...
Fri Apr 8, 2022, 08:39 AM
Apr 2022

the declaration and subsequent hot war with Russia ensures the death and injury of even more people than are being killed or harmed now. Both soldiers, and civilians.

Add to that fact that it could indeed cause a chain reaction of events leading to an existential catastrophe.

Events occurring now are heinous, infuriating and impossibly sad, so in a way, I can emphasize with anyone who feels that the US should declare war. This notion is probably even a natural gut reaction.

But in actually, it means that we would be causing even more suffering and death if we were to initiate a hot war.

War should always be the last and final option, that is on the second page on the list of options, after all other options have been exhausted. In fact, it could be argued that it should not be an option at all, offensively.

Defensively, I would say that it has to be an option if the country that you lead is attacked, but we don't lead other countries.

I suppose that if and when an escalation of the war in Ukraine leads to the attack of multiple other countries, a hot war would be unavoidable.

But as things stand now, I think it is being handled well and correctly. The best we can do is to apply as much non-direct combat support that we are able to, and to apply as many sanctions that we can.

I'm not sure - what be the reasons or justification to go to war with Russia? Dan Apr 2022 #1
As a response sarisataka Apr 2022 #3
Using Iraq 2003 as a precedent? Bucky Apr 2022 #13
They are not our allies.... Dan Apr 2022 #14
WTF??? CrackityJones75 Apr 2022 #2
There are near daily threads sarisataka Apr 2022 #6
We should not declare war. CrackityJones75 Apr 2022 #7
I agree and also sarisataka Apr 2022 #8
That poster even clarified within the thread Mariana Apr 2022 #15
Yet some said yes there sarisataka Apr 2022 #27
Right. CrackityJones75 Apr 2022 #33
We are already intervening. Are we at war? lagomorph777 Apr 2022 #26
Are American soldiers shooting at Russian soldiers? sarisataka Apr 2022 #28
If Russia decided to start rolling across Europe, invading NATO countries, yes. yagotme Apr 2022 #4
I voted no, though in a sense we are already at war. Marvin Marvin Apr 2022 #5
Thank you, sarisataka, for slicing through the bullshit. Mariana Apr 2022 #9
I have low tolerance for intellectual dishonesty sarisataka Apr 2022 #16
+100. MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #29
The U.N. should authorize a peacekeeping mission ripcord Apr 2022 #10
Even if a "peacekeeping mission" could get approved Mariana Apr 2022 #18
The U.N. stated objective in the Korean was was to establish peace ripcord Apr 2022 #23
Why not just call them "soldiers" whose mission would be "combat"? Mariana Apr 2022 #35
No. Don't expect a war with Russia to have some kind of rules. It won't. Ukraine is not asking us dameatball Apr 2022 #11
We should declare war on the real enemy - milestogo Apr 2022 #12
Silly USALiberal Apr 2022 #17
How so? nt sarisataka Apr 2022 #21
lol ok nt Torchlight Apr 2022 #43
No. Iggo Apr 2022 #19
No, of course not, as that would almost guarantee a nuke launch. Celerity Apr 2022 #20
The question is would an "intervention" sarisataka Apr 2022 #25
NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that fucking clear enough? Shanti Shanti Shanti Apr 2022 #22
We declare war on Russia, what does China do? Rizen Apr 2022 #24
I think China would sit it out. Their nukes aren't needed by either side. marie999 Apr 2022 #32
https://www.usa.gov/join-military brooklynite Apr 2022 #30
A call away... yagotme Apr 2022 #34
Very satisfied, so far, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #31
Me too, gives me faith that the majority of DUers think President Biden is Emile Apr 2022 #38
It is reassuring on one hand sarisataka Apr 2022 #39
Yep, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #41
"There is no doubt we would "win" but there will be a cost yet to be determined. " Strelnikov_ Apr 2022 #36
It was meant to be sarisataka Apr 2022 #40
This is a matter for Europe to decide... AntiFascist Apr 2022 #37
Absolutely not, because... LuckyCharms Apr 2022 #42
Yes voters should sign up for service tenderfoot Apr 2022 #44
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