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21. If he has that much money why repair an old laptop?
Tue Apr 12, 2022, 04:38 PM
Apr 2022

Get a new one and isn`t your stuff backed up on the cloud if it is important. Such bull shit.
Even if millions why fix it?

The congressman cannot distinguish his ass from a hole in the ground Walleye Apr 2022 #1
Jared got $2Billion from murdering dictator MBS lapfog_1 Apr 2022 #2
Yep: tblue37 Apr 2022 #4
Well, it "has" to be more than Jared got from the Saudis... Wounded Bear Apr 2022 #3
Why not just make it an even trillion? Bleacher Creature Apr 2022 #5
A Billion Trillion! ProfessorGAC Apr 2022 #6
A brazillian? Midnight Writer Apr 2022 #18
So, He's Saying That Hunter... ProfessorGAC Apr 2022 #7
Jordan is a lying shit weasel. WaPo says it's 4.8M, NOT 4.8B!!!!! WarGamer Apr 2022 #14
An "m" to a "b" sounds like a typical Fox news chyron FU. yonder Apr 2022 #17
It's just 3 zeros... WarGamer Apr 2022 #19
Letters Are Hard For Gym! ProfessorGAC Apr 2022 #23
But what about all the hidden money Gym Joe gets from Russia? imanamerican63 Apr 2022 #8
he best be careful. Hunter is WhiteTara Apr 2022 #9
Biden won't sue him. I would, but I don't believe Hunter Biden will. LenaBaby61 Apr 2022 #16
Who is surprised that Gym is lying? LetMyPeopleVote Apr 2022 #10
Is this bullshit contrived to offset the $1B to Manuchin, and $2 B to Jared Greybnk48 Apr 2022 #11
WaPo covered this... the 4.8M figure is accurate, dumbass Jordan mixed up the M and B WarGamer Apr 2022 #12
I hope that George Clooney Corgigal Apr 2022 #13
Yeah, I was just about to ask when that film is about to drop. smirkymonkey Apr 2022 #24
And what? He spent it all on chewing gum? n/t Hugin Apr 2022 #15
As far as Gym's concerned, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! dixiechiken1 Apr 2022 #20
If he has that much money why repair an old laptop? scarytomcat Apr 2022 #21
The republicon policy is to simply lie about everything. Just make it up. spanone Apr 2022 #22
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