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Kid Berwyn

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79. Abraham Bolden
Sat Apr 23, 2022, 08:17 AM
Apr 2022

Secret Service didn't like African Americans in 1963. Ask Agent Abraham Bolden.

Former U.S. Secret Service Agent Abraham BOLDEN was the first African American Secret Service agent to serve in the White House, personally appointed and literally hand-picked by President John F. Kennedy to the White House detail. Agent Abraham Bolden reported overt racism by his fellow agents and outright hostility toward the "n------loving president," quoting fellow Secret Service agents on the JFK detail.

In addition to enduring all manner of personal indignities, he was concerned at the lack of professionalism in those assigned to protect the president and reported his concerns. He was told, "OK. Thanks" by his superiors. When the problems weren't addressed, Bolden requested transfer back to the Secret Service office in Chicago.


He’s advanced in years, but still sharp.
Exactly right! Cracklin Charlie Apr 2022 #1
I wonder if the plan was to blame Antifa or even the Democratic party for his disappearance. C Moon Apr 2022 #40
"Mr. Vice President, we have a nice Saudi Prince that will take good care of you." 70sEraVet Apr 2022 #41
Even he watched The Godfather. His spider senses were tingling. 🕷 TheBlackAdder Apr 2022 #51
Tessio was alwas smarter... AdamGG Apr 2022 #66
Much is made of Pence's patriotism here, and that may well be true bucolic_frolic Apr 2022 #2
I totally agree he feared for his life! CrispyQ Apr 2022 #4
Wouldn't make much sense for them to off Pence at that point.... lastlib Apr 2022 #7
He would have been taken to an undisclosed location "for his safety," never to return for the count. sop Apr 2022 #13
In that case Grassley would have taken over & done it. oldsoftie Apr 2022 #22
I that case, we will never know what Grassley would or would not have done since it never happened. ToxMarz Apr 2022 #32
Grassley did vote to accept the Electoral count that day oldsoftie Apr 2022 #48
Yes, but that was the "easier" correct thing to do and one would hope he would do the right thing ToxMarz Apr 2022 #54
Did the coup plotters know that Grassley wnylib Apr 2022 #42
Probably not since most of them are dipshits. oldsoftie Apr 2022 #46
The sitting US president names the VP replacement and Congress votes on it MagickMuffin Apr 2022 #19
Not saying she would BECOME Vice-President.... lastlib Apr 2022 #29
That's next in line for the presidency wnylib Apr 2022 #45
I never said she was in line for vice-president. lastlib Apr 2022 #58
Trump didn't care who was next in line behind him whopis01 Apr 2022 #78
And plenty of Maga wanted to kill Pelosi Captain Zero Apr 2022 #57
What if Pelosi was also part of the plan? Pachamama Apr 2022 #20
I'm sure she was. They were going to behead the line of succession. Hekate Apr 2022 #24
This gives even more import to Boebert texting Nancy's location tikka Apr 2022 #37
Yes it does Hekate Apr 2022 #39
Holy crap! ShazzieB Apr 2022 #70
Accessory to attempted murder. calimary Apr 2022 #52
They would have identified DENVERPOPS Apr 2022 #56
Yep. ANYTHING (or ANYONE) they viewed as standing in their way. calimary Apr 2022 #61
In their minds it would be Trump they were putting in treestar Apr 2022 #62
They had designs on Pelosi also. soldierant Apr 2022 #64
Protocol wasn't even in the mix, so guess what doesn't make sense. czarjak Apr 2022 #74
Absolutely PatSeg Apr 2022 #11
Yup. 2naSalit Apr 2022 #8
damn straight. he didn't get in that car out of patriotism, he didn't get into it because Javaman Apr 2022 #27
That's what I think wryter2000 Apr 2022 #92
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Apr 2022 #3
This message was self-deleted by its author Meadowoak Apr 2022 #69
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Apr 2022 #72
Don't get in the car! keithbvadu2 Apr 2022 #5
I had the same scene in mind! geardaddy Apr 2022 #28
I was remembering Miller's Crossing...n/t Backseat Driver Apr 2022 #33
Pence has good instincts, not much of a spine though. brush Apr 2022 #6
He, too, has a criminal mind. It wasn't 'patriotism' it was smart fear! nt Samrob Apr 2022 #80
Funny how the safest place for Pence on Jan6 was with the Dems hiding out. nt Samrob Apr 2022 #82
Yep. Fear sweat. brush Apr 2022 #90
Well he had enough common sense to see through this. Emile Apr 2022 #9
He had seen enough to see through this. vanlassie Apr 2022 #44
He had inside knowledge. He knew what was being wnylib Apr 2022 #47
The car was supposed to take him to the gallows. milestogo Apr 2022 #10
It also makes you think about recent developments Bettie Apr 2022 #12
It's why Biden asked for his old crew back. Need to clean that house out. Joinfortmill Apr 2022 #16
My first thought when I read the story about the two men who were "gifting" SS agents Frustratedlady Apr 2022 #81
As I recall, there were agents involved Bettie Apr 2022 #83
OK. I didn't know about Kamala Harris. Thanks. Frustratedlady Apr 2022 #84
I think that agency is overdue for a purge Hekate Apr 2022 #25
Yeah, that's what jumped out at me, too. intheflow Apr 2022 #59
Kick dalton99a Apr 2022 #14
The Republican Wars on Truth, Decency, and US Democracy Achilleaze Apr 2022 #15
Doesn't this sound like something Pence should be asked about? gratuitous Apr 2022 #17
Pence refused to leave the Capitol campus, and stayed until the early hours of Jan. 7th FakeNoose Apr 2022 #18
Pence is a conservative asshole, but was a traitor. LiberalArkie Apr 2022 #21
Bingo! eom LittleGirl Apr 2022 #63
Correct. H2O Man Apr 2022 #23
Pence would've needed a majority of Cabinet members to agree on the 25th. oldsoftie Apr 2022 #26
If he had done it on Jan 7th it very well COULD have have passed. Tommymac Apr 2022 #67
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Apr 2022 #85
I believe FakeNoose's is the most credible scenario for Pence himself that afternoon. Hortensis Apr 2022 #49
Saw a few minutes of movie 'Reds', Willis thing. Pretty convoluted - [also]. empedocles Apr 2022 #77
Looks like the "Good Qristian" Mike Pence has seen some gangster movies. usonian Apr 2022 #30
Whatever brave "stand" Pence may have made, it was undone by his subsequent actions. Midnight Writer Apr 2022 #31
It could mean two different things Novara Apr 2022 #34
Words Pence should have said... lame54 Apr 2022 #35
Let's not give the Secret service a pass, gab13by13 Apr 2022 #36
If you'd said the 60's, I'd think, JFK! Nt raccoon Apr 2022 #76
Abraham Bolden Kid Berwyn Apr 2022 #79
I wonder if two of Pence's Secret Service were the two "infiltrators"? kentuck Apr 2022 #38
Three Days Of The Condor. Iggo Apr 2022 #43
And the worst damn part is McCarthy and Pence both knew 2Gingersnaps Apr 2022 #50
Not getting in that car was the smartest decision Pence ever made MustLoveBeagles Apr 2022 #53
Wow. Hugin Apr 2022 #55
I hope they didn't plan to kill him mrsadm Apr 2022 #60
I think Mother Pence was the one with the bad feeling, told him not to get into any cars. betsuni Apr 2022 #65
Are we sure they were really Secret Service? cab67 Apr 2022 #68
They reported to Trumps agents True Blue American Apr 2022 #89
Raskin nails it. Pence knew. Could he testify next please?? Evolve Dammit Apr 2022 #71
It is certainly VERY ominous, and not hard to connect the dots...at least by solid inference. BobTheSubgenius Apr 2022 #73
I saw that right away when I first heard it. True Blue American Apr 2022 #75
He knew martial law would be declared if he Ilsa Apr 2022 #86
100%! True Blue American Apr 2022 #88
I still doubt anything will happen to these people! BlueJac Apr 2022 #87
Remember grassley saying he would be running things? My evil, nasty, niyad Apr 2022 #91
A scene akin to that in "Three Days of the Condor" (1976). John1956PA Apr 2022 #93
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