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K&R secondwind Apr 2022 #1
man, I wish it was just those last four words in the subject line... (n/t) anarch Apr 2022 #2
So true. niyad Apr 2022 #5
My heart rate sped up milestogo Apr 2022 #15
Me too! I read it too fast, and for a second there... momta Apr 2022 #29
Mine too dflprincess Apr 2022 #45
just needed a comma BSdetect Apr 2022 #25
just needed a comma BSdetect Apr 2022 #26
don't we all housecat Apr 2022 #39
Took me awhile, but I finally got it! calimary Apr 2022 #47
+ infinity SoonerPride Apr 2022 #50
How to break the internet in one easy step! ShazzieB Apr 2022 #55
I read it the way they meant it for some reason I have no clue why Meowmee Apr 2022 #62
I read it the way they meant it for some reason and I know why NJCher Apr 2022 #64
My sympathies 😹 Meowmee Apr 2022 #73
a university where I used to teach NJCher Apr 2022 #74
I should apply there maybe 😹 Meowmee Apr 2022 #75
I know! NJCher Apr 2022 #76
rec'd for that reason alone. Sparkly Apr 2022 #70
lol Demovictory9 Apr 2022 #77
A sentiment shared by billions dalton99a Apr 2022 #78
"Russia if you're listening..do me a favor..." Budi Apr 2022 #3
Those authoritarian kleptocratic racketeers do hang tight, do they not? 2Gingersnaps Apr 2022 #61
Is this a typo Broeksmit was last seen driving a red Mini Cooper on April 6, 2021 MagickMuffin Apr 2022 #4
Has to be Bristlecone Apr 2022 #6
Looks like 2021 is correct muriel_volestrangler Apr 2022 #31
Hmmm, interesting... liberalla Apr 2022 #40
Thank you! Cha Apr 2022 #56
He was last seen over a year ago, and he was found on a high school campus? NT mahatmakanejeeves Apr 2022 #7
Occam's Razor declares it a typo EYESORE 9001 Apr 2022 #14
Looks like Occam's is wrong this time.. Cha Apr 2022 #51
Yes I remember when he went missing, they were at first concerned that Bev54 Apr 2022 #38
Yeah, but where was Hillary??? 🤔🤔🤔 dixiechiken1 Apr 2022 #8
+1, uponit7771 Apr 2022 #9
K & R Budi Apr 2022 #12
Most likely on samplegirl Apr 2022 #10
The documents were his fathers who also died. (by suicide) flying_wahini Apr 2022 #11
Hanging on Ron DeSantis' every word. Kid Berwyn Apr 2022 #32
Last seen on April 6, 2021???? Was that a typo? msfiddlestix Apr 2022 #13
I watched the video at the link in the OP. MontanaMama Apr 2022 #18
Aloha.. looks like "2021" is correct.. Cha Apr 2022 #48
Aloha to you, my friend. MontanaMama Apr 2022 #49
Chilling! And, from past experiences Cha Apr 2022 #53
quite mysterious indeed. hard to make sense of the story, but you helped. thanks. msfiddlestix Apr 2022 #72
Is this Putler helping IQ4.5 out? KS Toronado Apr 2022 #16
If he's had it done or one of his inner circle has the reason would be to silence anyone else with Ford_Prefect Apr 2022 #19
On the other hand KS Toronado Apr 2022 #20
While hypothetically possible I doubt Putty has specific expectations just yet for that. Ford_Prefect Apr 2022 #41
It would be more like Putler helping HIMSELF and TFG out, I think. Captain Zero Apr 2022 #35
Autopsy will be key in this case. Suicide? Any signs of violence or restraint? Time of death? Midnight Writer Apr 2022 #17
Choked on his polonium tea, then accidentally fell out of a window into a patch of wild novachok. eggplant Apr 2022 #21
I was gonna make this joke... momta Apr 2022 #30
Cause of Death: Allegic reaction to COVID vaccine. speak easy Apr 2022 #58
But will they check for radionuclides? NullTuples Apr 2022 #57
Just another case of your totally normal finding a middle aged man dead on a high school campus RockRaven Apr 2022 #22
Add this to the four Russian oligarchs who've recently committed "suicide" by impossible means. TheRickles Apr 2022 #23
How many people have to die FeelingBlue Apr 2022 #24
If you believe the CDC numbers at least 993,983 and counting. To say nothing of Russian and other Ford_Prefect Apr 2022 #42
"As many as it takes." ShazzieB Apr 2022 #52
The silence of the dead Achilleaze Apr 2022 #27
What about the documents? SleeplessinSoCal Apr 2022 #28
Killed and dumped Warpy Apr 2022 #33
In 2019 & 2014, Trump's Deutsche Bank Bankers "committed suicide." Kid Berwyn Apr 2022 #34
yes, Kid Berwyn: So weird that dead Trump Deutsch Bank bankers happens a lot... Captain Zero Apr 2022 #36
The Great Unger forever fried Pisswig the demented despot. Kid Berwyn Apr 2022 #69
Do you suppose if you mapped and dated the last week's suicides questionseverything Apr 2022 #79
William must have been Valentin's father. soldierant Apr 2022 #60
NYT and WhoWhatWhy.org report he was one of the good guys at DB Kid Berwyn Apr 2022 #67
Wouldn't just be awesome that his death is connected to Trump YoshidaYui Apr 2022 #37
The only thing better than that, would be if the last four words of the headline were true. nt C Moon Apr 2022 #63
oh yeah for sure YoshidaYui Apr 2022 #66
My eyes skipped to "Trump found..." UTUSN Apr 2022 #43
Kremlin has a long reach LT Barclay Apr 2022 #44
Check him for Novichock or other Russian poisons. Nululu Apr 2022 #46
There is another theory.... chowder66 Apr 2022 #54
This should be the #1 national story malaise Apr 2022 #59
GRRRRRRR proud patriot Apr 2022 #65
Journalist Scott Steadman , who used him as a source said JoanofArgh Apr 2022 #68
Broeksmit murdered by BrokeAsShit tRump Blue Owl Apr 2022 #71
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