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Kid Berwyn

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13. Benghazi still gets more coverage. Ask Eric Boehlert why.
Fri Apr 29, 2022, 06:00 PM
Apr 2022

If only we could.

Media sleepwalks past Ginni Thomas’ treason
Burying a blockbuster

Eric Boehlert
PressRun Media, March 28, 2022

The Sunday morning talk shows sprinted into “gaffe” patrol mode after President Joe Biden made a 9-word, ad-libbed comment in Poland over the weekend about how Vladimir Putin should not be allowed to stay in power in Russia.

On “Meet the Press,” USA Today’s Susan Page emphasized Biden’s comment was “distracting” and “undisciplined.” The assembled pundits spent nearly ten minutes discussion the story, along with a new NBC poll that was bad news for Biden. (Inflation!)

What was mostly ignored by the round table was the blockbuster story about Virginia (Ginni) Thomas, wife of right-wing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. She had been texting unhinged QAnon-like messages to Trump’s chief of staff after the 2020 election, strategizing and urging that Biden’s victory be overturned, saving America from “the end of Liberty.” The NBC pundits on Sunday spent 45 seconds discussing that story.

Like when Trump was recently caught smuggling boxes of top-secret documents out of the White House, the Beltway press is treating Ginni Thomas’ seditious assault on democracy as a middling story; one that will likely receive little or no new coverage in coming days.

The revelation that Thomas’ plugged-in wife who enjoyed easy access to the Trump White House hoped that “Biden crime family & ballot fraud co-conspirators … will be living in barges off GITMO to face military tribunals for sedition,” came just after Republican Senators used QAnon signaling during the Supreme Court confirmation hearing of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. She was smeared as a child pornography apologist.



Still have yet to read the NJ police or NJ transportation report on how Mr. Boehlert died in a “bike-train accident.”

Disappeared media stories? [View all] Reader Rabbit Apr 2022 OP
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This x 1,000 Ferrets are Cool Apr 2022 #18
They don't care about those stories when they've got Hunter Biden's laptop to slobber over. SoonerPride Apr 2022 #2
Silence is the new tool the media wealth owners use against us. pwb Apr 2022 #3
TFG called the press the enemy of the people. I'm not sure he wasn't right. Dark n Stormy Knight Apr 2022 #4
Dems need to keep the story going. Republicans are experts at this. Midnight Writer Apr 2022 #5
What further information is there? Effete Snob Apr 2022 #6
Investigate Ginni and Clarence's formal and informal social RAMS38 Apr 2022 #20
What kind of attention span do you think people have? Sympthsical Apr 2022 #7
+1 Kaleva Apr 2022 #11
👍 ShazzieB Apr 2022 #16
Correct nt Tickle Apr 2022 #25
I haven't heard any updates on Trump taking sensitive documents to Mar a Lago either Ohioboy Apr 2022 #8
It's been awhile since I've seen a thread here about that. Kaleva Apr 2022 #10
You can look at DUs 1st page and see we have short attention spans Kaleva Apr 2022 #9
If people wanted to hear more, it would be 24/7 (except maybe on FOX and right wing radio). Hoyt Apr 2022 #12
Benghazi still gets more coverage. Ask Eric Boehlert why. Kid Berwyn Apr 2022 #13
🕯️ Duppers Apr 2022 #24
And we're into the third year of "Hunter's laptop" LiberalLovinLug Apr 2022 #14
If they read this thread Mr.Bill Apr 2022 #15
No. brooklynite Apr 2022 #17
All of it reported fairly little of it flooded at same level as Benghazi or WhiteWater uponit7771 Apr 2022 #21
So, do you think the Democrats should have wasted time on "Kushner Committee" to generate buzz? brooklynite Apr 2022 #22
Nah, special counsel would do uponit7771 Apr 2022 #23
It is too much work, even here people do not want to know... Ohio Joe Apr 2022 #19
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