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Intense Duncanpup May 2022 #1
It is, especially for me Diamond_Dog May 2022 #2
Thank you for sharing. hamsterjill May 2022 #3
You are welcome, hamsterjill Diamond_Dog May 2022 #4
What happened there that day needs to be remembered pandr32 May 2022 #5
I couldn't agree more. Diamond_Dog May 2022 #6
Thank you for these photos. yardwork May 2022 #7
I remember it well, too Diamond_Dog May 2022 #8
It is frightening to know that the government can and has shot non-violent protesters just because. yardwork May 2022 #11
I was tear-y when I took those photos. Diamond_Dog May 2022 #18
I'm so sorry. yardwork May 2022 #21
Thank you. Diamond_Dog May 2022 #22
Question Duncanpup May 2022 #9
There were a lot of complicated undercurrents. yardwork May 2022 #13
Ok thanks for explanation I was four at this moment Duncanpup May 2022 #14
The protesters were provoking the guard Diamond_Dog May 2022 #15
So they do a massacre over rocks Duncanpup May 2022 #16
Yes Diamond_Dog May 2022 #17
I was married to a guy in the Ohio National Guard. llmart May 2022 #28
Thanks for sharing. As I recall there were plans in the late 70s to develop some of these areas. Auggie May 2022 #10
It absolutely was a big deal, Auggie. Diamond_Dog May 2022 #12
Appreciate your submission! Wuddles440 May 2022 #19
Thank you Wuddles440 Diamond_Dog May 2022 #20
There's been events running... Wuddles440 May 2022 #23
Totally awesome Diamond_Dog May 2022 #24
Oh... TY for these poignant photos, your memories!... electric_blue68 May 2022 #25
Thank you so much electric_blue68 Diamond_Dog May 2022 #26
YW, and Totally Understandable electric_blue68 May 2022 #33
I've never been back to Kent. Last time I was there was when my sister got her masters in 1969. sinkingfeeling May 2022 #27
One of these days I'll get around Diamond_Dog May 2022 #30
We just got back from KSU Ohiya May 2022 #29
Awesome Diamond_Dog May 2022 #31
Yes, we had been there a few years ago, but it was worth revisiting. Ohiya May 2022 #32
Thanks for sharing these Raine May 2022 #34
It certainly does, Raine. Diamond_Dog May 2022 #35
Thank you for capturing the emotion of it all. livetohike May 2022 #36
Thank you livetohike. Diamond_Dog May 2022 #37
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