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36. Thank you so much!
Thu May 19, 2022, 12:13 PM
May 2022

I got the results this morning and I can't understand medicalese, but googling the terms used, it looks pretty bad. It's a work injury, so I am also battling the worker's comp system.

Anyway, thanks for your good vibes. It is greatly appreciated.

Mask up! [View all] AntivaxHunters May 2022 OP
I never stopped masking & have no intention of doing so! SheltieLover May 2022 #1
Same here. LoisB May 2022 #3
I wish it were over, but it isn't! SheltieLover May 2022 #5
Same here too. Duppers May 2022 #6
Good for you! SheltieLover May 2022 #8
Same with me. I don't like them, but I'm sure they've been a big part of keeping me safe for Arkansas Granny May 2022 #11
I'm not fond of them either, but they are the only rational choice, imo. SheltieLover May 2022 #12
My doctor recommended masking any time I am in contact with people I don't live with. pazzyanne May 2022 #13
Yep. Husband and I both still do. calimary May 2022 #20
Same here Rebl2 May 2022 #28
Same here! n/t DFW May 2022 #21
Same TuxedoKat May 2022 #30
1. Regardless of your location on earth, wear a mask in the places that Tetrachloride May 2022 #2
Going to see a play tomorrow Sympthsical May 2022 #4
Getting 2nd Booster on Friday morning. ProudMNDemocrat May 2022 #7
I need to get my 2nd booster Novara May 2022 #10
Sending vibes for good results on the MRI. hamsterjill May 2022 #32
Thank you so much! Novara May 2022 #36
I'm so sorry. hamsterjill May 2022 #37
Thank you Novara May 2022 #38
I no longer mask except when requested to do so by the location I'm visiting. Dial H For Hero May 2022 #9
Do you only wear a condom when someone asks you to? AntivaxHunters May 2022 #14
If I'm in a long term relationship and she's on birth control I don't. Dial H For Hero May 2022 #35
I don't understand why you aren't willing to wear a mask AntivaxHunters May 2022 #43
Because the risk of not doing so is, at this point, minimal. Dial H For Hero May 2022 #45
Minimal? Like wearing a seat belt? AntivaxHunters May 2022 #46
Of course I wear a seatbelt every time. It's required by law. Dial H For Hero May 2022 #49
Sadly, the overwhelming majority of Americans are willing to follow CDC guidelines MyMission May 2022 #50
Barring some horrible mutation, Covid will soon be considered comparable to the flu by most. Dial H For Hero May 2022 #53
Not by anyone who respects medicine or science. Ms. Toad May 2022 #55
We mask inside businesses. TNNurse May 2022 #15
I've never stopped. Ferrets are Cool May 2022 #16
Please remember this fact Moostache May 2022 #17
Masks DO Protect you AntivaxHunters May 2022 #18
+1 n/t area51 May 2022 #27
That's fuckin' great! Novara May 2022 #39
We like the kf-94 the best. JudyM May 2022 #41
So true, everyone: MASKS DO PROTECT YOU AS WELL AS OTHERS Meowmee May 2022 #48
If you say so. But I def (also) wear a mask to protect myself. The fact that I haven't had... FailureToCommunicate May 2022 #19
take your point (about community protection) stopdiggin May 2022 #22
I had hoped the CDC would have gotten their shit together Novara May 2022 #40
That misconception actually discouraged many folks from wearing masks IronLionZion May 2022 #25
That is nonsense - a convenient lie told to preserve masks for health care workers. Ms. Toad May 2022 #57
Most of America is looking red IronLionZion May 2022 #23
Never stopped, don't plan to. SergeStorms May 2022 #24
Thanks for posting this! I feel so grateful to be part of the DU community, most of whom are still LaMouffette May 2022 #26
Why all the blue in mid-country when they are mostly red-Trump areas? Is it population density? Samrob May 2022 #29
Ba.2 is making it's way from New England and the west coast inward. Tomconroy May 2022 #31
The map uses the original measures for community transmission. Ms. Toad May 2022 #58
Some of those areas don't have a whole hell of a lot of people. JanMichael May 2022 #34
low population and spread out over long distances JI7 May 2022 #51
Post removed Post removed May 2022 #33
" Masks DO NOT PROTECT YOU !!! They protect others FROM YOU" Patterson May 2022 #42
Yesterday the crawl on CNN said that the CDC recommended senseandsensibility May 2022 #44
We never stopped Meowmee May 2022 #47
Yeah... on Monday, I spent 2+ hours with my ecstatic May 2022 #52
I've never stopped wearing an N95 or KF94 mask everywhere. I live in New York State and liberal_mama May 2022 #54
Mine went back on today. kairos12 May 2022 #56
I wear n-95s most days for 6 hours. uppityperson May 2022 #59
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