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24. "Feint hearted" suggests deception. I think you were going for "faint hearted."
Sat Jan 14, 2012, 02:57 AM
Jan 2012

The statue is not "confrontational." It's...what's the word? BAD.

Martin Luther King was not a short-armed, puffy-eyed, rigid, stout man. He didn't look a thing like that representation. It does not even begin to capture the man's essence.

It's just not good.

He looked like this:

There's no life or fire in that thing.

This is the photo that "inspired" the statue. MLK is neither "confrontational" or "militant" in this picture--indeed, he's contemplative and relaxed in the presence of a photo of the individual who was an inspiration to him. I think the sculptor of this piece needed more inspiration:

This is not an opinion out of far left field, either--many people feel this way. When the overarching impression is "stern" and "Stalinist" that's just not good:


GAH!!!!! Who made that decision? grasswire Jan 2012 #1
New MLK Monument: Did we keep the receipt? limpyhobbler Jan 2012 #2
REally??!! They couldn't find an american sculptor here in thew US?? Ecumenist Jan 2012 #3
I vaguely remember an article addressing the question Quantess Jan 2012 #21
I thought he looked like Mao's baby brother. Now I know why! MADem Jan 2012 #4
He is posturing like a Chinese general in the statue. Quantess Jan 2012 #22
+1 nt MADem Jan 2012 #26
If he could comment... Fridays Child Jan 2012 #5
I think cyglet Jan 2012 #12
"Doesn't look a damn thing like me" maybe? nt MADem Jan 2012 #27
I guess it was one of those jobs americans didn't want to do Confusious Jan 2012 #6
It's horrible. JDPriestly Jan 2012 #7
Who was in charge of this mess? Doremus Jan 2012 #8
They should be arrested for fraud. aquart Jan 2012 #10
That horrible statue WAS NOT MADE BY AN AMERICAN? Or in America? aquart Jan 2012 #9
Whenever ANY new monument has been erected, Joe Shlabotnik Jan 2012 #11
It's a good statue. It reflects MLK's true militancy. David__77 Jan 2012 #13
don't you mean Mao's true militancy? provis99 Jan 2012 #14
No, I do not. David__77 Jan 2012 #17
I searched for pictures of MLK with his arms folded like that and could not find one csziggy Jan 2012 #15
I actually like that one. David__77 Jan 2012 #18
Here is the photograph that inspired the monument... countryjake Jan 2012 #19
They got it exactly, including the intensity. Good job Chinese sculptors. joshcryer Jan 2012 #23
I posted the "inspiration pic" elsewhere in this thread MADem Jan 2012 #25
"Feint hearted" suggests deception. I think you were going for "faint hearted." MADem Jan 2012 #24
So much face palm jsmirman Jan 2012 #16
I was outraged about this back when they commissioned the artist. Quantess Jan 2012 #20
Ideally the monument of such an extraordinary man should have been made in America. TigerToMany Jan 2012 #28
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