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12. Looks like your questions are good questions
Sat May 28, 2022, 11:35 AM
May 2022

A lot of people seem to be bringing up the points you're bringing up, so I'll answer them here.

My answer? Of course cops are supposed to use good judgment. Of course cops are trained. Of course they're supposed to protect and serve. Of course they're supposed to be brave and not cowards. Of course they're supposed to take charge.

And to your question, "How do we honor and respect officers who didn't protect the most vulnerable?"

The answer is we don't.

That's not the point. The above are all givens.

You can't put a 5-ton load in a 2-ton truck and expect the truck not to buckle, at least sometimes.

Who put the 5-ton load in the truck in the first place? I'm not saying don't ask whether the cops made bad decisions. By all means do. Just don't forget to ask why they made those "bad decisions," and, above all, why they were in a position to have to make those decisions in the first place. The answer to those questions, imo, leads to true accountability.

Aren't cops supposed to use good judgment? PJMcK May 2022 #1
Looks like your questions are good questions gulliver May 2022 #12
My concern is that the UCID police chief is getting the blame hamsterjill May 2022 #2
Hubby says the UCID PC had the legal right, but obviously used poor judgement LeftInTX May 2022 #18
I just don't want him scapegoated if there is more to this story. hamsterjill May 2022 #20
Was there a leader in charge? dlk May 2022 #3
That seems very key to me gulliver May 2022 #14
Everyone was just n charge, so no one was in charge... dlk May 2022 #17
The first wrong decision was to wait. 2naSalit May 2022 #4
A 2005 SCOTUS decision said that police Ritabert May 2022 #10
Anybody who believes that cops are supposed to protect and serve. WhiskeyGrinder May 2022 #5
Officers are suppose to take command. pwb May 2022 #6
Let's not forget the guns are the problem wryter2000 May 2022 #7
I see it as both. 2naSalit May 2022 #11
Definitely. Focus. gulliver May 2022 #15
Who has been 'hiding' on this? empedocles May 2022 #8
It would seem that there were a group of order takers there NoMoreRepugs May 2022 #9
That seems a great point to me gulliver May 2022 #16
The city probably has some kind of emergency response procedure set up Ocelot II May 2022 #13
City just held active shooter training in March that covered "stop the killing" and "stop the dying" MrsCoffee May 2022 #22
They may need military style training to expect to take heavy losses Kaleva May 2022 #19
It takes the focus off the guns treestar May 2022 #21
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