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19. I must agree, she may be the dumbest...
Mon May 30, 2022, 05:39 PM
May 2022

But I don't think it is fair to exclude Virginia Foxx from the competition. While not as absolutely vacuous as MTG, she surely deserves some credit for persistence.

She couldn't dump water out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel Blue Owl May 2022 #1
Greene has real competition. There are scores of GOPers in Congress who would Eyeball_Kid May 2022 #2
Boebert rubbersole May 2022 #15
Be Best! sarcasmo May 2022 #3
Ted Cruz is very close RainCaster May 2022 #4
Cruz isn't stupid; he's worse because he knows he's spouting bullshit Ocelot II May 2022 #5
Teds not a woman. maxsolomon May 2022 #7
Your right, I forgot this is about women RainCaster May 2022 #9
Not in a billion years Polybius May 2022 #23
Cruz is not dumb Shrek May 2022 #28
Nope. Sleazy, dishonest, creepy, arrogant, cowardly, hypocritical, and arrogant. 11 Bravo Jun 2022 #34
I kind of think Lauren Boebert beats her by a hair. But it's super close. nt Quixote1818 May 2022 #6
Yeah, Bobo has her beat in the stupid department. GoCubsGo May 2022 #20
Agree. nt Quixote1818 May 2022 #21
Lauren Boebert is a major competitor. tblue37 May 2022 #8
I would say she's a candidate 48656c6c6f20 May 2022 #10
True but Georgia voted her back in vapor2 May 2022 #11
That's the least of her flaws compared to lack of principles/morality and total hypocrisy. UTUSN May 2022 #12
You do have Virginia Fox (who has a doctorate FFS), rsdsharp May 2022 #13
She is ignorant (and proud of it) but between her and Boebert? Maeve May 2022 #14
Now take Empty Grin lpbk2713 May 2022 #16
That is pretty high bar. nt doc03 May 2022 #17
She's hands down the most obnoxious, but on the dumb scale I have to say she is a close neck & neck hlthe2b May 2022 #18
I must agree, she may be the dumbest... aka-chmeee May 2022 #19
For those keeping score at home: LetMyPeopleVote May 2022 #22
Nope, Boebert is Polybius May 2022 #24
Education and intelligence are not the same. I know several people with GED's niyad May 2022 #30
Two possibilities: First, there is the song (see below). Then there's the new version of an old joke DFW May 2022 #25
I love that moldy oldie!!! COL Mustard May 2022 #26
Thnk you for the reminder about the song. And the old joke. niyad May 2022 #31
She smart enough to get paid to do nothing! Emile May 2022 #27
Can we PLEASE stop using ableist words? AntivaxHunters May 2022 #29
Noted, and my sincere apologies COL Mustard Jun 2022 #32
I voted NO because I honestly believe Boebert is dumber. 11 Bravo Jun 2022 #33
*Marsha Blackburn has entered the chat* Nevilledog Jun 2022 #35
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