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Yep, go down there and kill the Democrats dalton99a Jun 2022 #1
Straight out of the Reich's playbook. ChazInAz Jun 2022 #20
He loves his cult, in part, for the way they share his delusional, inflated view of himself. Dark n Stormy Knight Jun 2022 #62
Also, I think the fact that he tried to strangle his security guy is worse than lunging at the whee yardwork Jun 2022 #40
Who said inthewind21 Jun 2022 #72
Outstanding headlines! NH Ethylene Jun 2022 #71
That's a crime right there. Kingofalldems Jun 2022 #2
And I thought it was that Pence deserved to be hanged nt intrepidity Jun 2022 #3
He wanted the people with the weapons up close to hear him incite them. mnhtnbb Jun 2022 #4
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jun 2022 #67
Seriously? inthewind21 Jun 2022 #73
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jun 2022 #78
Followed closely by assaulting his Secret Service detail. dchill Jun 2022 #5
While THEY were risking THEIR lives Fritz Walter Jun 2022 #17
Help. I missed the ketchup reference? Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2022 #25
That day, he was served lunch. He threw a tantrum... dchill Jun 2022 #29
Oh ya... Like a baby in a high chair. Off topic but have to say just saw Jamie Raskin Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2022 #31
I think it's likely that charges are being considered... dchill Jun 2022 #35
That's totally valid! Yet don't think they should Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2022 #44
They're just giving everyone one more chance... dchill Jun 2022 #46
Has anyone posted about any oaths of silence? Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2022 #48
Oaths to whom? dchill Jun 2022 #49
calls were made to potential witnesses stressing the need for "loyalty" librechik Jun 2022 #74
Think I'd advise.. " can't talk about that right now" Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2022 #45
Time to send the forensic unit to the White House and check the walls! Sancho Jun 2022 #36
Evidently you don't think that should have been brought up? Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2022 #47
Correct but ketchup is a better visual misanthrope Jun 2022 #6
Didn't do a thing for me MissMillie Jun 2022 #14
Trump had a temper tantrum, one of many temper tantrums. Delmette2.0 Jun 2022 #30
exactly MissMillie Jun 2022 #32
Assaulting your own Secret Service for keeping you out of limo is. TigressDem Jun 2022 #54
I guess I still think wanting to shut down the "mags" is bigger news. MissMillie Jun 2022 #63
it also proves barbtries Jun 2022 #64
yeah, I posted that somewhere on DU this morning (n/t) MissMillie Jun 2022 #65
Trump wanted more violence and bloodshed so he could declare martial law and then suspend ... Botany Jun 2022 #7
Sure sounding more and more like it. grumpyduck Jun 2022 #10
Hey if the republicans want to run showing their support of Trump this fall let 'em. Botany Jun 2022 #11
Yep. I call it TREASON. Send Trump to guantanomo. triron Jun 2022 #26
Yes. Witness needed to state just that. Evolve Dammit Jun 2022 #12
I'm SO GLAD that, for lack of a better term, "our side" decided to sit that one out. catbyte Jun 2022 #19
The counter protesters would have had their heads beaten Boomerproud Jun 2022 #22
Well glad you said that. I was having trouble trying to understand why he's so desperately wanted Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2022 #27
Yup TigressDem Jun 2022 #55
Excellent point...nt Wounded Bear Jun 2022 #8
Rt💕TY & Don Winslow! Cha Jun 2022 #9
They're not here to hurt me. CloudWatcher Jun 2022 #13
He knew: They won't hurt me. How did he know that? Why were they armed? erronis Jun 2022 #16
They can't pee unless they're armed. rubbersole Jun 2022 #34
Because he's been telling them what to do for months. yardwork Jun 2022 #41
Would anyone want to venture a theory of how the day would have gone if..... jaxexpat Jun 2022 #15
Biden would have hit him with Article 25 and been President until Obama came back to reality. nt TigressDem Jun 2022 #56
Premeditated, the conscience of a criminal mind. Russian loving Trump ffr Jun 2022 #18
"They're not going to hurt ME." NellieStarbuck Jun 2022 #21
He said Rebl2 Jun 2022 #23
And he hoped for more violence and death. Lock him up. We can't have a repeat. Evolve Dammit Jun 2022 #28
Lock him up. In stocks so we can throw tomatoes and PIES at him.... his phobia!!! TigressDem Jun 2022 #57
While I like that idea a lot I'm thinking his more primal fear: shark tank. Evolve Dammit Jun 2022 #79
There is SO much more important than the damned ketchup. Ferrets are Cool Jun 2022 #24
LIKE TREASON & THAT'S LEAVENWORTH! cloudboy07 Jun 2022 #33
Yup Ferrets are Cool Jun 2022 #38
Or a firing squad. TigressDem Jun 2022 #58
Treason? inthewind21 Jun 2022 #75
If the Russia connection could be proved.... TigressDem Jun 2022 #80
Smoking gun? liberal N proud Jun 2022 #37
Maybe it would have been better if he HAD gone to the Capitol. kskiska Jun 2022 #39
Probably would have led to serious bloodshed. maxsolomon Jun 2022 #43
Twitter replies: Rhiannon12866 Jun 2022 #42
K & R & Retweeted! SunSeeker Jun 2022 #50
Agree Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 2022 #51
Lede. johnp3907 Jun 2022 #52
Tastes great pecosbob Jun 2022 #60
Both spellings are correct. Link: highplainsdem Jun 2022 #61
Trump wanted to march in with his armed goons and take the Capitol with force of arms. Ford_Prefect Jun 2022 #53
If he was so sure that he wasn't going to be a target catchnrelease Jun 2022 #59
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jun 2022 #66
Sure we did inthewind21 Jun 2022 #76
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jun 2022 #77
Denying it only encourages more of it IronLionZion Jun 2022 #68
Misdirection to hide the most damning evidence in plain sight. hay rick Jun 2022 #69
OMG, so thats what he meant!! BradBo Jun 2022 #70
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