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19. I'm sure now that was at least part of the flood the judicial branch
Mon Jul 4, 2022, 01:45 PM
Jul 2022

strategy all along. A get out of jail free card for all of the fascist corruption.

Enough is enough, fuckers. grumpyduck Jul 2022 #1
Good. And I hope that the members of the Jury find that fake news/fox news deliberately SWBTATTReg Jul 2022 #2
I hope dominion is awarded a trillion dollars in damages onecaliberal Jul 2022 #14
Never thought I'd see the day when I'd cheer for a voting machine manufacturer. But here we are. Efilroft Sul Jul 2022 #3
"Dominion News Network." Grins Jul 2022 #4
At least they would be "Fair & Balanced" KS Toronado Jul 2022 #7
Sorry, but it sounds like it might be owned by Mike Pence ... dchill Jul 2022 #11
I see what you did there Just A Box Of Rain Jul 2022 #25
Right? I already wonder about whoever named it that... dchill Jul 2022 #27
They can appeal any judgement to the Un-Supreme Court. njhoneybadger Jul 2022 #5
Boom. The best safety net EVER for scumbag Republicans. NoMoreRepugs Jul 2022 #6
Except for FAUX news competitors like OAN and the rest. Crowman2009 Jul 2022 #13
I'm sure now that was at least part of the flood the judicial branch Boomerproud Jul 2022 #19
We can but hope Hekate Jul 2022 #8
This is the best way to damage Fox. Not a government or partisan suit, but one brought by a private Martin68 Jul 2022 #9
Too bad! pandr32 Jul 2022 #10
Fux News is banned in Australia, the UK, Canada, and NZ for being a propaganda network. OMGWTF Jul 2022 #12
Kinda like how the WWE isn't real sports. n/t Different Drummer Jul 2022 #21
see snopes on this one NJCher Jul 2022 #24
don't they also have more Murdoch trash Skittles Jul 2022 #30
shut em all down. including sinclair radio. AllaN01Bear Jul 2022 #15
Can I volunteer to be on that jury The Jungle 1 Jul 2022 #16
K&R UTUSN Jul 2022 #17
Is Rupert Murdoch dead yet? FakeNoose Jul 2022 #18
Evil never dies. mwb970 Jul 2022 #32
We keep calling these "theories" when they're calumny and propaganda gulliver Jul 2022 #20
What exactly is the threat if not held liable? KPN Jul 2022 #22
Hit the Murdochs where it hurts most--their money NEOBuckeye Jul 2022 #23
I was never s big fan of electronic voting systems bluecollar2 Jul 2022 #26
This is good news. The only way to fight dirt bags like the Murdochs is to hit them PatrickforB Jul 2022 #28
Getting rid of Fox news would be a huge step to healing this nation budkin Jul 2022 #29
I hope they're not done yet. Also go after the over the air corporations like Sinclair, etc. halfulglas Jul 2022 #31
I would like to see other news agencies held accountable. LiberalFighter Jul 2022 #33
"Legal experts" believe that? LiberalLovinLug Jul 2022 #34
But how much more damage with Fox et all do in the, oh, seven years it takes... Silent3 Jul 2022 #35
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