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C Moon

(12,160 posts)
Thu Jul 14, 2022, 12:34 AM Jul 2022

A few months ago, I recall DU announcing to be aware of upcoming President Biden bashing. [View all]

It's happening here now.
And there doesn't seem to be any stopping it.

Today I was shocked at some of the obvious posts and comments that were taking shots at President Biden in an obvious rightwing nut job effort to make him look weak—setting up a defeat in the midterms.

FaceBook is filled with it now. Twitter is filled with. And now DU is filled with it.

I guess a lot of people forgot about tfg's years. To me, it was like living in a horror Twilight Zone episode—and I will NEVER forget.
The gop is trying to make President Biden look bad, in the same way they did with President Carter.

Who of you out there, would rather have Biden or Carter than tfg or DeSantis?

Wake the fuck up! (I'm not speaking to the idiot trump supporters who are posting here temporarily—they are in a forever nightmare-dream).

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People are attacking Joe Biden like crazy LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2022 #1
It's coordinated and obvious. Following a script, saying the same things. betsuni Jul 2022 #2
very very coordinated. I wonder if it is funded or just 'spontaneous.' emulatorloo Jul 2022 #5
I think the initial attack is a small funded group and then a lot of people pick it up betsuni Jul 2022 #8
Aye. Coordinated and obvious. n/t Mister Ed Jul 2022 #20
I was not a Biden supporter when he was running for the presidential nomination. notinkansas Jul 2022 #3
And Reddit is filled with it as well. emulatorloo Jul 2022 #4
So is NPR, every day. wnylib Jul 2022 #9
It's also followed by all the Dems are old and set in their ways. halfulglas Jul 2022 #6
Every time I flipped tv to Newsy today, there was another idiot blaming Biden for inflation Hermit-The-Prog Jul 2022 #7
We need to start a campaign of wnylib Jul 2022 #10
I'm extreme left. And you will not hear me bash Joe Biden IngridsLittleAngel Jul 2022 #11
You're awesome. C Moon Jul 2022 #12
Thank you IngridsLittleAngel Jul 2022 #13
Hear, hear! LoisB Jul 2022 #14
+1. No doubt here either. Great post. yonder Jul 2022 #17
Yes! Easterncedar Jul 2022 #18
Thank you, ILA, for such wisdom and eloquence. This should be an OP itself. Mister Ed Jul 2022 #19
Thank you for your kind words IngridsLittleAngel Jul 2022 #31
Absolutely agree. Well put. judesedit Jul 2022 #23
This... 2naSalit Jul 2022 #26
Extinction is right IngridsLittleAngel Jul 2022 #32
Wish this was its own post so I could rec it! nt woodsprite Jul 2022 #30
DITTTO! well said and thank you! HAB911 Jul 2022 #33
Perfectly Stated! Delarage Jul 2022 #36
x1000 peggysue2 Jul 2022 #44
Absolutely IngridsLittleAngel Jul 2022 #48
Please make this an OP mcar Jul 2022 #52
The "gop is trying to make President Biden look bad..." dchill Jul 2022 #15
Thanks for this Easterncedar Jul 2022 #16
Agree..we need unity and that means stop any and all posting here questioning, second guessing PortTack Jul 2022 #21
+1 2naSalit Jul 2022 #27
Flooding social media with lies is one of their most used tactics, duforsure Jul 2022 #22
Spot on; relentless because MAGA idiots are trying to change narrative of 1/6's damning revelations onetexan Jul 2022 #25
This. Yes. n/t shrike3 Jul 2022 #39
Social Media is full of it .We know a Trump Supporting Republican faked an attack on himself JI7 Jul 2022 #24
Yup. With friends like these.... SunSeeker Jul 2022 #28
They've been bashing him for 6 months. BigmanPigman Jul 2022 #29
I've seen many of the embedded trolls here blaming President Biden for inflation. nt RandiFan1290 Jul 2022 #34
You sure inthewind21 Jul 2022 #41
Biden wasn't my first choice, but I voted for him ... CozyMystery Jul 2022 #35
K&R Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jul 2022 #37
i finally am getting polled and yesterday i got one that was in very broken english..ok samnsara Jul 2022 #38
"the same way they did with President Carter." Talitha Jul 2022 #40
I want to live in your world where people never attack a Democrat Novara Jul 2022 #42
It's so crazy, especially when its Republicans who need bashing. ananda Jul 2022 #43
We have a few too cool for school types BannonsLiver Jul 2022 #45
Opinion: Progressives are practically doing Republicans' job for them LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2022 #46
Begala gets it. mcar Jul 2022 #53
Late night comedians aint helping this either. Brainfodder Jul 2022 #47
They care More about themselves Cha Jul 2022 #49
What I can't stand BannonsLiver Jul 2022 #50
It's really bad and totally coordinated mcar Jul 2022 #51
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