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Fri Jul 15, 2022, 11:56 AM Jul 2022

He can't do a deposition because Ivana died, but he can do a rally: [View all]


Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦
It appears that the death of his wife of 15 years and mother of 3 of his children will not result in the postponement of Trump’s Arizona rally tomorrow, where he will spew more division, hate and conspiracy theories. Somehow, he will soldier on despite the grief and tears.
This message was self-deleted by its author spooky3 Jul 2022 #1
Obama? claudette Jul 2022 #2
My autocorrect is hyperactive. It changed Ivana to Obama, which I saw just as I hit tblue37 Jul 2022 #6
Autocorrect is the tool of Satan... Wounded Bear Jul 2022 #15
Spell-check only spells better than I type. lastlib Jul 2022 #24
My new favorite term is Christofascist because I find it so descriptive. Hoping if it gets used efhmc Jul 2022 #26
The classic story is of a program soldierant Jul 2022 #30
No problem claudette Jul 2022 #18
Welcome to DU claudette... comradebillyboy Jul 2022 #17
Thank you!! claudette Jul 2022 #19
He's hoping for the sympathy cash. Solly Mack Jul 2022 #3
Hey, judge, grumpyduck Jul 2022 #4
Get his ass in court TOMORROW, even if you have to use your Saturday Novara Jul 2022 #5
This! nt crickets Jul 2022 #10
Meanwhile, Ivanka is shopping at Saks and Junior Totally Tunsie Jul 2022 #7
I hear that Eric chases things bottled in bond, and otherwise, domestic and Russian. Ford_Prefect Jul 2022 #14
Such fkg bullsht Fullduplexxx Jul 2022 #8
Why the hell do the courts insist upon acting like suckers? Every damn time? RockRaven Jul 2022 #9
You can't catch me cause the Ivana done died. CentralMass Jul 2022 #11
Is this true? EndlessWire Jul 2022 #12
Besides, Ivana was a few wives ago, wnylib Jul 2022 #27
Its not true. former9thward Jul 2022 #29
How long can trmp make Ivanas funeral? Chin music Jul 2022 #35
Hey, she fell down the f'in' stairs! There's no monkey business, just because it benefits me. panader0 Jul 2022 #13
Me either. He murdered a million Americans with his Covid BS OMGWTF Jul 2022 #37
It's unbelievable TimeToGo Jul 2022 #16
The Trump Stages of Grief: LudwigPastorius Jul 2022 #20
The actual TFG stage of Grief: Tommymac Jul 2022 #28
He cancelled his Prescott, AZ rally. StarryNite Jul 2022 #21
Yes, it was, but it'll take a while for that information to catch up here liberalla Jul 2022 #32
TFG can't help himself RANDYWILDMAN Jul 2022 #22
Sure enough dalton99a Jul 2022 #23
The old joke has just about come true... SeattleVet Jul 2022 #25
It was a par-5, right? PJMcK Jul 2022 #40
Of course! SeattleVet Jul 2022 #42
The real question is Will he go to the funeral? Delmette2.0 Jul 2022 #31
!@#$%&*()_+@#$%&*()_+@#$%&*() AllaN01Bear Jul 2022 #33
And raise $$$. The no good Fn grifter. NT SayItLoud Jul 2022 #34
Looks like the judge in NY just found out about the Trump rally in AZ. LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2022 #36
🤮 Deuxcents Jul 2022 #38
Why should Rebl2 Jul 2022 #39
He can't grift the flock with a deposition. rurallib Jul 2022 #41
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