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This message was self-deleted by its author spooky3 Jul 2022 #1
Obama? claudette Jul 2022 #2
My autocorrect is hyperactive. It changed Ivana to Obama, which I saw just as I hit tblue37 Jul 2022 #6
Autocorrect is the tool of Satan... Wounded Bear Jul 2022 #15
Spell-check only spells better than I type. lastlib Jul 2022 #24
My new favorite term is Christofascist because I find it so descriptive. Hoping if it gets used efhmc Jul 2022 #26
The classic story is of a program soldierant Jul 2022 #30
No problem claudette Jul 2022 #18
Welcome to DU claudette... comradebillyboy Jul 2022 #17
Thank you!! claudette Jul 2022 #19
He's hoping for the sympathy cash. Solly Mack Jul 2022 #3
Hey, judge, grumpyduck Jul 2022 #4
Get his ass in court TOMORROW, even if you have to use your Saturday Novara Jul 2022 #5
This! nt crickets Jul 2022 #10
Meanwhile, Ivanka is shopping at Saks and Junior Totally Tunsie Jul 2022 #7
I hear that Eric chases things bottled in bond, and otherwise, domestic and Russian. Ford_Prefect Jul 2022 #14
Such fkg bullsht Fullduplexxx Jul 2022 #8
Why the hell do the courts insist upon acting like suckers? Every damn time? RockRaven Jul 2022 #9
You can't catch me cause the Ivana done died. CentralMass Jul 2022 #11
Is this true? EndlessWire Jul 2022 #12
Besides, Ivana was a few wives ago, wnylib Jul 2022 #27
Its not true. former9thward Jul 2022 #29
How long can trmp make Ivanas funeral? Chin music Jul 2022 #35
Hey, she fell down the f'in' stairs! There's no monkey business, just because it benefits me. panader0 Jul 2022 #13
Me either. He murdered a million Americans with his Covid BS OMGWTF Jul 2022 #37
It's unbelievable TimeToGo Jul 2022 #16
The Trump Stages of Grief: LudwigPastorius Jul 2022 #20
The actual TFG stage of Grief: Tommymac Jul 2022 #28
He cancelled his Prescott, AZ rally. StarryNite Jul 2022 #21
Yes, it was, but it'll take a while for that information to catch up here liberalla Jul 2022 #32
TFG can't help himself RANDYWILDMAN Jul 2022 #22
Sure enough dalton99a Jul 2022 #23
The old joke has just about come true... SeattleVet Jul 2022 #25
It was a par-5, right? PJMcK Jul 2022 #40
Of course! SeattleVet Jul 2022 #42
The real question is Will he go to the funeral? Delmette2.0 Jul 2022 #31
!@#$%&*()_+@#$%&*()_+@#$%&*() AllaN01Bear Jul 2022 #33
And raise $$$. The no good Fn grifter. NT SayItLoud Jul 2022 #34
Looks like the judge in NY just found out about the Trump rally in AZ. LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2022 #36
🤮 Deuxcents Jul 2022 #38
Why should Rebl2 Jul 2022 #39
He can't grift the flock with a deposition. rurallib Jul 2022 #41
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