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18. She's old and fell. They've been divorced for 30 years. It was a sad death
Fri Jul 15, 2022, 12:46 PM
Jul 2022

for anyone- even though I really don't feel anything about this one- it's sad to some people.

But, that's all it was.

I personally am watching my parents age in place with their washer and dryer in the basement while I am 100 miles away. I am 58 years old. You can bet your bippy that I am looking for a retirement home NOW. There are some nice ones- I personally want one that has both a bar and a library, so I can drink and read. Safely.

I'm assuming you have proof that she was pushed down the stairs? nt MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #1
Of course not. The conspiracy theories are so typical. BlackSkimmer Jul 2022 #13
+100. MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #14
Just a delay. maxsolomon Jul 2022 #2
Kinda like Epstein samplegirl Jul 2022 #3
Stop. Iggo Jul 2022 #4
I said this would happen yesterday malaise Jul 2022 #5
..... 50 Shades Of Blue Jul 2022 #6
Who said she was pushed? claudette Jul 2022 #7
It's a obnoxiousdrunk Jul 2022 #9
And now the whole fucking family will declare themselves in mourning. Paladin Jul 2022 #8
Tinfoil hat a little tight this morning? Ocelot II Jul 2022 #10
Please stop trying to turn DU into Q-anon. emulatorloo Jul 2022 #11
Wrong forum. Ptah Jul 2022 #12
... UTUSN Jul 2022 #15
Some posts/thoughts are just FUN. The *literalists* are humorless and pompous. UTUSN Jul 2022 #46
Trump is the head of a crime syndicate with connections to the Russian mob. Irish_Dem Jul 2022 #16
The medics were called for a cardiac arrest milestogo Jul 2022 #17
Interesting how very different daughter spawn looks there as compared to now. niyad Jul 2022 #23
She's old and fell. They've been divorced for 30 years. It was a sad death Thtwudbeme Jul 2022 #18
Ouch! llmart Jul 2022 #21
Yet things happen. xmas74 Jul 2022 #24
I wasn't questioning the fact that it couldn't happen. llmart Jul 2022 #25
But she is older xmas74 Jul 2022 #26
Agree - I tripped and fell backwards down 14 wooden stairs womanofthehills Jul 2022 #31
Ouch! I fell yesterday reaching around Tree Lady Jul 2022 #45
Sorry! You are correct. That was poorly written and a horrible choice of words Thtwudbeme Jul 2022 #32
I bought into a new ranch house development mnhtnbb Jul 2022 #33
Thank you! But if we buy a ranch it will be in a small town Thtwudbeme Jul 2022 #34
I moved from a downtown high rise apartment in Raleigh mnhtnbb Jul 2022 #35
oh, it's insane in the Raleigh/ Durham and Charlotte areas Thtwudbeme Jul 2022 #36
Do you know NewHendoLib? mnhtnbb Jul 2022 #38
Yes... I followed his tomato posts for a long time! Thtwudbeme Jul 2022 #42
Please don't make DU look stupid. Elessar Zappa Jul 2022 #19
I don't see it as making DU look stupid. llmart Jul 2022 #22
They're idiots. We can be too! iemanja Jul 2022 #30
So we should be raving lunatics like them also? MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #37
+1 demmiblue Jul 2022 #28
those fuckers have caused pain and destruction mercuryblues Jul 2022 #20
In your thread, you claim she was pushed, MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #39
Nope. mercuryblues Jul 2022 #40
You failed to answer the question, MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #41
Define the word nope mercuryblues Jul 2022 #43
Ooops, my bad, MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #44
If Trump thought killing her Mr.Bill Jul 2022 #27
Like Vince Foster? iemanja Jul 2022 #29
Returning DU to its roots hardluck Jul 2022 #47
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