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Mon Jul 18, 2022, 05:17 PM
Jul 2022

Host consensus is this OP doesn't meet the criteria in the SOP for this forum:

"Discuss politics, issues, and current events. Posts about Israel/Palestine, religion, guns, showbiz, or sports are restricted in this forum."

Threads about showbiz/celebrity culture which do not have a political angle are not permitted under normal circumstances and should be posted under Entertainment.

Overexposed couple. milestogo Jul 2022 #1
What's that 4 or 5 for Lopez and 3 or 4 for Affleck? Emile Jul 2022 #2
Her 4th (her 1st and 2nd were short lived), his 2nd (after 13 years with Jennifer Garner) ARPad95 Jul 2022 #5
I think Jennifer Garner is beautiful. Emile Jul 2022 #25
Oh, that's nice. Scrivener7 Jul 2022 #3
I like them, so glad to hear it! AkFemDem Jul 2022 #4
What's strange is that so many people do care. DavidDvorkin Jul 2022 #6
Actually it's the media care more lol wildman76 Jul 2022 #7
The media pretend to care because great numbers of viewers do care DavidDvorkin Jul 2022 #17
I hope it works for them. Xavier Breath Jul 2022 #8
LOL ... Thanks I needed a laugh! 😅 👍 nt Raine Jul 2022 #10
GAG 🤢🤮 nt Raine Jul 2022 #9
people love celebrities. they can even run for president and fans will vote for that person. IcyPeas Jul 2022 #11
I care claudette Jul 2022 #12
6 months alphafemale Jul 2022 #13
☝️☝️☝️ dixiechiken1 Jul 2022 #16
as long as they don't make any more movies together Skittles Jul 2022 #14
Lol come on man you don't like the cheese lol wildman76 Jul 2022 #15
I actually cannot stand Jennifer Skittles Jul 2022 #18
What she did to you ?. You don't even know her......sir. Naio Jul 2022 #23
? I think she is a shitty actress, that's all Skittles Jul 2022 #27
Congratulations to them. Naio Jul 2022 #19
Presumably you do since you started a thread about it. LisaL Jul 2022 #20
Beat me to it. H2O Man Jul 2022 #21
Yet you posted about it. BlackSkimmer Jul 2022 #22
dont those people ever rest? samnsara Jul 2022 #24
❤️ ✿❧🌿❧✿ ❤️ I do. They were hounded by the media before Lucinda Jul 2022 #26
*LOCKING* Spazito Jul 2022 #28
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