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Yep - I think of this whenever I hear the phrase "exceptional country" - exceptionally stupid walkingman Jul 2022 #1
Since everything trump touches dies, it would follow that his followers could too. And since housecat Jul 2022 #11
Problem is, he has a lot of young followers too. oldsoftie Jul 2022 #13
seriously? not disinformation? young and educated for trump? housecat Jul 2022 #47
Yes. I deal with them every day. Highly educated. Professionals. oldsoftie Jul 2022 #50
Come to think of it I dealt with them before I retired. They seemed so unhinged that housecat Jul 2022 #54
I think it will surprise a lot of people in the wider community (ie not activists) genxlib Jul 2022 #2
And even assaults & murder. To try to keep it quiet oldsoftie Jul 2022 #14
Your turning "outlaw" speaks to millions of citizens Eyeball_Kid Jul 2022 #3
Cruelty, pain, suffering, death are all part of their plan. Irish_Dem Jul 2022 #4
Sadly agree Timeflyer Jul 2022 #9
Agree completely. Their wrathful God of retribution demands harsh punishment. sop Jul 2022 #33
Oh yes. All of us non-GOP folks apparently are deep sinners who must be punished. Irish_Dem Jul 2022 #44
If (forced) pregnancy risks death, is that not attempted murder? Nictuku Jul 2022 #5
Yes! momta Jul 2022 #6
The digital age will insure the horror stories reach the general public, unlike the past. CrispyQ Jul 2022 #7
Only shithole third world countries do this shit. onecaliberal Jul 2022 #8
Shithole third world theocracies. sop Jul 2022 #34
👆🏻👆🏻 onecaliberal Jul 2022 #38
I do think that there are some older men who are totally naive regarding childbirth. milestogo Jul 2022 #10
She's probably thinking, "I got through this seven times, with no problem," Wednesdays Jul 2022 #12
Just like those who caught covid & had no problems. "Its just the flu". oldsoftie Jul 2022 #15
Its exactly like that. milestogo Jul 2022 #18
You'd think that TENTS in hospital PARKING LOTS would be enough. oldsoftie Jul 2022 #48
Well, people who live in rural areas didn't see the same things. milestogo Jul 2022 #51
I wish she would watch my video... momta Jul 2022 #23
They are human sacrifices to the Christian god Farmer-Rick Jul 2022 #16
Christians believe that the death of Christ was the only sacrifice required. milestogo Jul 2022 #29
All true but the case that they advocate "the potential for death by inaction" could be made. jaxexpat Jul 2022 #40
How are you so sure? Farmer-Rick Jul 2022 #42
Power. It's all about power. orthoclad Jul 2022 #17
THIS! momta Jul 2022 #19
It gave men the power to maim and kill us under the guise of "it's natural." Warpy Jul 2022 #20
"harshest their mellow" momta Jul 2022 #21
I stole it from "WKRP in Cincinnatti" Warpy Jul 2022 #25
In many ways it's actually worse than pre-Roe. Novara Jul 2022 #22
He issued a "guidance" saying that federal law trumps state law momta Jul 2022 #26
I know that. My question is whether this can be issued as an EO. Novara Jul 2022 #27
I'm with you. momta Jul 2022 #30
Exactly Novara Jul 2022 #32
I agree. momta Jul 2022 #36
He used his worst obstructionism on Obama Novara Jul 2022 #37
Amen, sisters Hekate Jul 2022 #24
Republicans know women will die dlk Jul 2022 #28
In fact... momta Jul 2022 #31
Yes, the cruelty is the point dlk Jul 2022 #49
Either they're cemented in denial, or they suffer from calimary Jul 2022 #35
Killing women is a given. It's a feature, not a bug. onecaliberal Jul 2022 #39
DEFINITELY! So they know what's possible to restore calimary Jul 2022 #43
K&R Solly Mack Jul 2022 #41
End game IMHO is dumb workers for the rich who will do anything even for scraps. Brainfodder Jul 2022 #45
The cruelty and the barbarity is the point...nt Wounded Bear Jul 2022 #46
pre roe, chicago's cook county hospital, the largest public hosp in the country had a whole ward mopinko Jul 2022 #52
The outlaw court, the Subversive 6, tries to rewrite the Constitution in their image Hermit-The-Prog Jul 2022 #53
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