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3. Pence absolutely needs to testify
Fri Jul 22, 2022, 06:19 AM
Jul 2022

He needs to tell the committee and/or the DOJ what the SS were telling him while they were trying to get him out of the Capitol, he needs to explain what he was doing and who he was calling (plenty of photos of him on the phone in the garage that day), and he needs to explain what he did.

It's my understanding that he did not have the authority to mobilize the National Guard but it's clear he knew no one else would make that call.

I'll bet he was talking to individuals about removing the orange fuck via the 25th Amendment and that's one reason he took over. I suspect people told him that the orange fuck sat all afternoon watching the TV with glee and Pence knew the asshole was incapable of doing a thing about the violence. Remember that Pence was a congressperson and I suspect he was really angry that the orange asshole gave the order for the Capitol attack.

I despise Pence but his actions on that day were correct. However, he is a fucking coward if he does not testify. He should actually be volunteering information. So I suspect he is compromised and maybe blackmailed by the orange fuck to keep quiet.

Pence is stupid enough to think he has a political career left. He might still have political viability if he came out and told the country that HE was the only person acting with integrity that day. He acted presidential. But he's a fucking coward and he's afraid to anger the cultists.

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