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5. Yes
Tue Jul 26, 2022, 03:41 AM
Jul 2022

And also, most don’t want to wear masks anymore if they did because they think they are not high risk etc. and don’t really care about anyone else.

Yes Meowmee Jul 2022 #1
Glad you are....... OhioChick Jul 2022 #2
Yes Meowmee Jul 2022 #5
It's going to be here forever regardless. BannonsLiver Aug 2022 #25
Post removed Post removed Aug 2022 #26
You aren't aware that most experts believe it will never be fully eradicated? BannonsLiver Aug 2022 #27
DU is the last place I still see people talking about COVID being over. Ace Rothstein Aug 2022 #28
Absolutely!! Still not eating indoors at restaurants. 7wo7rees Jul 2022 #3
I mostly stay home; only out to church and drugstore as needed. No Vested Interest Jul 2022 #4
me no selfish asshole Skittles Jul 2022 #6
Do you think Jill Biden is? BlackSkimmer Jul 2022 #9
Reckless at best considering Joe actually has COVID-19 Blues Heron Jul 2022 #12
I know, and I find it very curious. I can't remember what White House function I saw recently BlackSkimmer Jul 2022 #13
Life continues, just masked. Grokenstein Jul 2022 #7
I work in a large food emporium and you bet I mask up. no_hypocrisy Jul 2022 #8
I stopped briefly.. luvs2sing Jul 2022 #10
Yes, never stopped. discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2022 #11
I never stopped wearing a mask in public, MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #14
I am... myohmy2 Jul 2022 #15
Thank you all for your responses. n/t OhioChick Aug 2022 #16
Yes and I just got a new box of 20 N95s. nt GoodRaisin Aug 2022 #17
Thank you... OhioChick Aug 2022 #18
Oh, hell yeah! Waaay too risky not to! Plus now we have monkey pox in NYC. Sigh. electric_blue68 Aug 2022 #19
"We have Monkeypox in NYC" brooklynite Aug 2022 #34
I do, but I know omicron 5 can still get us. Even masked. herding cats Aug 2022 #20
That's what pisses me off had to take my husband Tree Lady Aug 2022 #23
Indoors, often. Outdoors, no. NT Happy Hoosier Aug 2022 #21
My husband stopped wearing one and it became Tree Lady Aug 2022 #22
If it's a crowded place, yes. Elessar Zappa Aug 2022 #24
Yep mvd Aug 2022 #29
Why do we keep having these threads? maxsolomon Aug 2022 #30
BECAUSE Skittles Aug 2022 #31
Exactly, Thank You n/t OhioChick Aug 2022 #32
People forget? How many times a week maxsolomon Aug 2022 #35
I would say EVERY FUCKING WEEK Skittles Aug 2022 #37
This OhioChick Aug 2022 #41
Virtue Signaling Ace Rothstein Aug 2022 #36
at 0.00000001% fescuerescue Aug 2022 #38
Define your terms. brooklynite Aug 2022 #33
Not since last Thanksgiving Shrek Aug 2022 #39
Very rarely these days. Mainly when going to Dr's offices. Other than that, mask free here. beaglelover Aug 2022 #40
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