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Yes Meowmee Jul 2022 #1
Glad you are....... OhioChick Jul 2022 #2
Yes Meowmee Jul 2022 #5
It's going to be here forever regardless. BannonsLiver Aug 2022 #25
Post removed Post removed Aug 2022 #26
You aren't aware that most experts believe it will never be fully eradicated? BannonsLiver Aug 2022 #27
DU is the last place I still see people talking about COVID being over. Ace Rothstein Aug 2022 #28
Absolutely!! Still not eating indoors at restaurants. 7wo7rees Jul 2022 #3
I mostly stay home; only out to church and drugstore as needed. No Vested Interest Jul 2022 #4
me no selfish asshole Skittles Jul 2022 #6
Do you think Jill Biden is? BlackSkimmer Jul 2022 #9
Reckless at best considering Joe actually has COVID-19 Blues Heron Jul 2022 #12
I know, and I find it very curious. I can't remember what White House function I saw recently BlackSkimmer Jul 2022 #13
Life continues, just masked. Grokenstein Jul 2022 #7
I work in a large food emporium and you bet I mask up. no_hypocrisy Jul 2022 #8
I stopped briefly.. luvs2sing Jul 2022 #10
Yes, never stopped. discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2022 #11
I never stopped wearing a mask in public, MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #14
I am... myohmy2 Jul 2022 #15
Thank you all for your responses. n/t OhioChick Aug 2022 #16
Yes and I just got a new box of 20 N95s. nt GoodRaisin Aug 2022 #17
Thank you... OhioChick Aug 2022 #18
Oh, hell yeah! Waaay too risky not to! Plus now we have monkey pox in NYC. Sigh. electric_blue68 Aug 2022 #19
"We have Monkeypox in NYC" brooklynite Aug 2022 #34
I do, but I know omicron 5 can still get us. Even masked. herding cats Aug 2022 #20
That's what pisses me off had to take my husband Tree Lady Aug 2022 #23
Indoors, often. Outdoors, no. NT Happy Hoosier Aug 2022 #21
My husband stopped wearing one and it became Tree Lady Aug 2022 #22
If it's a crowded place, yes. Elessar Zappa Aug 2022 #24
Yep mvd Aug 2022 #29
Why do we keep having these threads? maxsolomon Aug 2022 #30
BECAUSE Skittles Aug 2022 #31
Exactly, Thank You n/t OhioChick Aug 2022 #32
People forget? How many times a week maxsolomon Aug 2022 #35
I would say EVERY FUCKING WEEK Skittles Aug 2022 #37
This OhioChick Aug 2022 #41
Virtue Signaling Ace Rothstein Aug 2022 #36
at 0.00000001% fescuerescue Aug 2022 #38
Define your terms. brooklynite Aug 2022 #33
Not since last Thanksgiving Shrek Aug 2022 #39
Very rarely these days. Mainly when going to Dr's offices. Other than that, mask free here. beaglelover Aug 2022 #40
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