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15. We've exercised restraint. Now we know the time is past.
Mon Aug 22, 2022, 10:43 PM
Aug 2022

Trump and his fellow traitors need to be locked up where they can do no more harm.

Lock it up. onecaliberal Aug 2022 #1
"It" MontanaMama Aug 2022 #21
I was feeling charitable. onecaliberal Aug 2022 #24
Well your charity cracked me then hell up. MontanaMama Aug 2022 #25
I'm so glad. This place is always good for a laugh somewhere. onecaliberal Aug 2022 #29
Everything is good. MontanaMama Aug 2022 #30
It is the best description of it. onecaliberal Aug 2022 #31
Prosecute the Traitor. ASAP. fightforfreedom Aug 2022 #2
300 felonies. Hotodg skin belongs in Leavenworth. sarcasmo Aug 2022 #3
as a cartoon villian called dishonest john would say, ah , the plot thickens . nya ah ah. AllaN01Bear Aug 2022 #4
At this point..... Red Mountain Aug 2022 #5
Thank you, the lack of urgency is unbelievable. fightforfreedom Aug 2022 #6
They already swore under oath that they had no more after the 15 boxes Scrivener7 Aug 2022 #11
Must be one hell of a barn burner memoir he is writing there! ProudMNDemocrat Aug 2022 #7
"Marked as classified" ForgedCrank Aug 2022 #8
I am happy there are people who feel like I do about this investigation. fightforfreedom Aug 2022 #9
Well, I wish ForgedCrank Aug 2022 #10
Same here. I am tired of Trump not being held accountable. fightforfreedom Aug 2022 #12
If a Private or a Seaman or an Airman was caught with BOSSHOG Aug 2022 #13
I have to ForgedCrank Aug 2022 #17
This is being handled MASTERFULLY by the DOJ Saboburns Aug 2022 #23
here is what i don't understand... orleans Aug 2022 #22
I haven't ForgedCrank Aug 2022 #27
He was prohibited from having all of it, regardless of classified status Johnny2X2X Aug 2022 #36
Now his 2 new shitty lawyers are going to need their own BigmanPigman Aug 2022 #14
Yup. Next in line for disbarment. onecaliberal Aug 2022 #26
We've exercised restraint. Now we know the time is past. Martin68 Aug 2022 #15
Lucky they were found before hurricane season. kskiska Aug 2022 #16
That's actually a good point. crickets Aug 2022 #33
Regardless of classification level, the documents were not his to take. Beartracks Aug 2022 #18
Exactly Septua Aug 2022 #19
Trump is Fucked, He's Well and Truly Fucked Beetwasher. Aug 2022 #20
Here's what I don't get: What do they mean by "multiple sets of documents"? FakeNoose Aug 2022 #28
He actually claimed of some docs: "Those are mine." Jackass. crickets Aug 2022 #32
Easy to imagine the infantile sore loser stealing docs after jan 6 lindysalsagal Aug 2022 #34
I want to know, WHEN exactly did he begin absconding with these documents Mr. Ected Aug 2022 #35
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