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Burned at the stake as a witch Wicked Blue Aug 2022 #1
I'll Be Burning Right Next To You Deep State Witch Aug 2022 #40
But first, we must curse Wicked Blue Aug 2022 #42
I am getting up there in age, I don't think I will be alive when and if they install their theocracy Thomas Hurt Aug 2022 #2
I hope I'm gone, too. I worry for my grandkids Deuxcents Aug 2022 #4
Those who VOTED for this will live to REGRET it. ProudMNDemocrat Aug 2022 #8
one way or another, I won't be here. lapfog_1 Aug 2022 #3
It'll be the colonies for me... Hela Aug 2022 #5
Personally, not much will probably happen to me, but that's not the point... Wounded Bear Aug 2022 #6
THIS. By 2030, around 360 million people will have to live with what we create. nt Hortensis Aug 2022 #28
life changes pamdb Aug 2022 #7
:) Forget Canada unless you're wealthy enough to buy your way around Hortensis Aug 2022 #29
The big thing is that we will lose Bettie Aug 2022 #9
Not in the northern free states. roamer65 Aug 2022 #26
I'll probably be protected by the Magahats who are neighbors and family Kaleva Aug 2022 #10
They have already taken over in this part of Florida. Chainfire Aug 2022 #11
..or you move north to the Free States of America. roamer65 Aug 2022 #25
Likely executed if I'm captured vercetti2021 Aug 2022 #12
I will be dead. Missn-Hitch Aug 2022 #14
I'm in the thick of them. hamsterjill Aug 2022 #15
I would never move back to the US, barring a successful civil war or California & other Blue states Celerity Aug 2022 #16
Likely nothing sarisataka Aug 2022 #17
Probably dead TheRealNorth Aug 2022 #18
I'm a straight white male...not much will happen to me Buckeyeblue Aug 2022 #19
1-5 FoxNewsSucks Aug 2022 #20
I'm gay, so I would go down fighting in the resistance. roamer65 Aug 2022 #21
I live in California Mz Pip Aug 2022 #22
Free Republic of California. roamer65 Aug 2022 #23
Christofascists can probably expect this... roamer65 Aug 2022 #24
I'll probably be relatively "untouched" for a few more years because my blood is needed for trans- ARPad95 Aug 2022 #27
I will probably have to move to another country with the rest of my family. Greybnk48 Aug 2022 #30
Likely executed... IngridsLittleAngel Aug 2022 #31
As an atheist, I'm scared EnergizedLib Aug 2022 #32
Interesting so many think a shooting war will cbabe Aug 2022 #33
A bare majority don't think much will happen, other then losing some rights. Kaleva Aug 2022 #34
There's really no telling what they'd do... Darkstar53142 Aug 2022 #35
I'll likely John Ludi Aug 2022 #36
I fear losing social security and Medicare. Elessar Zappa Aug 2022 #37
Trump has floated the idea of concentration camps, so.... Initech Aug 2022 #38
Freepers talk about the FEMA camps set up by Obama Kaleva Aug 2022 #39
Pass JustAnotherGen Aug 2022 #41
Worthy of consideration, weird times appalachiablue Aug 2022 #43
As a white, middle class man, not much immediately NickB79 Aug 2022 #44
"Christians" will end up fighting with each other. Patterson Aug 2022 #45
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