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8. Those who VOTED for this will live to REGRET it.
Wed Aug 31, 2022, 09:47 AM
Aug 2022

First, the "others" will lose their rights because of the color of thir skin, sexual orientation, religious tenets, the way they vote, dress, etc.

Those who adhere to the extreme dogma of the Religious Right will for a brief time, breath a sigh of relief. But once they see what is happening, they will realize their mistakes ween they see their lives personally affected by lost incomes, their quality of life being stripped away, to eventually their rights. Soviet Union-like in the once USA.

Burned at the stake as a witch Wicked Blue Aug 2022 #1
I'll Be Burning Right Next To You Deep State Witch Aug 2022 #40
But first, we must curse Wicked Blue Aug 2022 #42
I am getting up there in age, I don't think I will be alive when and if they install their theocracy Thomas Hurt Aug 2022 #2
I hope I'm gone, too. I worry for my grandkids Deuxcents Aug 2022 #4
Those who VOTED for this will live to REGRET it. ProudMNDemocrat Aug 2022 #8
one way or another, I won't be here. lapfog_1 Aug 2022 #3
It'll be the colonies for me... Hela Aug 2022 #5
Personally, not much will probably happen to me, but that's not the point... Wounded Bear Aug 2022 #6
THIS. By 2030, around 360 million people will have to live with what we create. nt Hortensis Aug 2022 #28
life changes pamdb Aug 2022 #7
:) Forget Canada unless you're wealthy enough to buy your way around Hortensis Aug 2022 #29
The big thing is that we will lose Bettie Aug 2022 #9
Not in the northern free states. roamer65 Aug 2022 #26
I'll probably be protected by the Magahats who are neighbors and family Kaleva Aug 2022 #10
They have already taken over in this part of Florida. Chainfire Aug 2022 #11
..or you move north to the Free States of America. roamer65 Aug 2022 #25
Likely executed if I'm captured vercetti2021 Aug 2022 #12
I will be dead. Missn-Hitch Aug 2022 #14
I'm in the thick of them. hamsterjill Aug 2022 #15
I would never move back to the US, barring a successful civil war or California & other Blue states Celerity Aug 2022 #16
Likely nothing sarisataka Aug 2022 #17
Probably dead TheRealNorth Aug 2022 #18
I'm a straight white male...not much will happen to me Buckeyeblue Aug 2022 #19
1-5 FoxNewsSucks Aug 2022 #20
I'm gay, so I would go down fighting in the resistance. roamer65 Aug 2022 #21
I live in California Mz Pip Aug 2022 #22
Free Republic of California. roamer65 Aug 2022 #23
Christofascists can probably expect this... roamer65 Aug 2022 #24
I'll probably be relatively "untouched" for a few more years because my blood is needed for trans- ARPad95 Aug 2022 #27
I will probably have to move to another country with the rest of my family. Greybnk48 Aug 2022 #30
Likely executed... IngridsLittleAngel Aug 2022 #31
As an atheist, I'm scared EnergizedLib Aug 2022 #32
Interesting so many think a shooting war will cbabe Aug 2022 #33
A bare majority don't think much will happen, other then losing some rights. Kaleva Aug 2022 #34
There's really no telling what they'd do... Darkstar53142 Aug 2022 #35
I'll likely John Ludi Aug 2022 #36
I fear losing social security and Medicare. Elessar Zappa Aug 2022 #37
Trump has floated the idea of concentration camps, so.... Initech Aug 2022 #38
Freepers talk about the FEMA camps set up by Obama Kaleva Aug 2022 #39
Pass JustAnotherGen Aug 2022 #41
Worthy of consideration, weird times appalachiablue Aug 2022 #43
As a white, middle class man, not much immediately NickB79 Aug 2022 #44
"Christians" will end up fighting with each other. Patterson Aug 2022 #45
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