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Wed Aug 31, 2022, 01:28 PM Aug 2022

Time to stop playing fuck around with the maniac [View all]

Get all necessary warrants needed to search every propertly he owns for whatever documents he's still hiding.

Indict and try him for stealing secret and top secret documents that the FBI has already retrieved. (If any other American had done this, he/she would already be sitting in a cell.)

Indict and try him for fomenting an attempted coup d'etat against the government of the United States. -- After all, we all saw him, live on TV, incite his "army" on January 6th to halt the finalization of the 2020 election that he lost. (If any other American had tried this, he/she would already be sitting in a cell.)

Those are only two of the obvious things that he should/could be indicted for at this very moment.

And I'm sure that anyone who thinks about it for a short while, can come up with a list of crimes he publicly committed over the past six years, both in and out of office.

The American Revolution was about getting rid of a king and declaring our independence. It's past time to get rid of "King" Trump. We shouldn't put up with this shit for one more instant.

And, oh yeah, about that "Violence in the streets" if "Dear Leader" is arrested. Joe Biden can declare martial law, call out the military, and see to it that any and all who commit such violence end up sitting in jail cells.

I'm sure there are a few thousand lawyers out there who will tell me why none of this can be done. Nonetheless, if it looks like a traitor, smells like a traitor, and acts like a traitor, it's very likely he's a traitor. And anyone, ANYONE, who has committed these crimes should be indicted and tried as soon as possible. (Whatever legal argument is put forward, the Constitution is not a suicide pact.)

And one more thing. The Republican Party will vow revenge if the orange shit is tried, found guilty and jailed. Many, if not most of them have aided and abetted the traitor. They have become, in short, nothing more than a criminal organization. If any of us had done what so many of them had done, we'd be sitting in jail cells.

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K&R Blue Owl Aug 2022 #1
Sorry, I want that fucker to go fully transitional and have a 5250 manic episode in front of all. TheBlackAdder Aug 2022 #36
🙏👏🤞🙌👆 Drum Sep 2022 #42
PERFECT! MuseRider Aug 2022 #2
As long as Traitor Trump is a free man, the Republican politicians will continue to rally to his LaMouffette Aug 2022 #3
i'm all ready hearing that trump was always a "big gub'mint lib'rul" rampartc Aug 2022 #6
And in 10 years no one will admit to voting for him. KS Toronado Aug 2022 #8
Social Media is forever JustAnotherGen Aug 2022 #30
I agree KS Toronado Aug 2022 #32
Good thing the man JustAnotherGen Sep 2022 #43
I couldn't agree more. Furthermore... dchill Aug 2022 #4
It's time to cut the head off the snake. CrispyQ Aug 2022 #5
Many of our allies know they cannot trust the Republican Party, and they fear another Trump term. Lonestarblue Aug 2022 #7
Rupert Murdoch has already chosen DeSatan.... SergeStorms Aug 2022 #11
The entire party is dangerous to the US, the world, and wnylib Aug 2022 #22
Equal justice for all! BlueJac Aug 2022 #9
Not quite yet StrkSrviver Aug 2022 #10
If Trump is indicted for the documents theft, wnylib Aug 2022 #25
Just to StrkSrviver Aug 2022 #39
I like your Traildogbob Aug 2022 #12
I don't agree that anyone is playing "fuck around" with TFG Just A Box Of Rain Aug 2022 #13
It ain't happened yet. twodogsbarking Aug 2022 #14
KICK orangecrush Aug 2022 #15
Nothing beats a Babbler. czarjak Aug 2022 #16
DOJ most likely has to wait until after the election, gab13by13 Aug 2022 #17
Why? Trump is not a midterm candidate for any office. wnylib Aug 2022 #27
AGREE. We know who he is and what he's capable of. But almost all of the analysis I see wiggs Aug 2022 #18
They are still giving him time to say "I'm sorry" so they can sweep this under the rug and Ferrets are Cool Aug 2022 #19
time to RICO the whole refuKKKchicken coopful - those silent are complicit🧐 bringthePaine Aug 2022 #20
I agree. Quit pussyfooting around! bif Aug 2022 #21
Already saying nothing will be done until after the election. It really solidifies that those who Evolve Dammit Aug 2022 #23
Who is saying that? oregonjen Aug 2022 #24
MSNBC. Only one I watch since CNN is now vearing right. Evolve Dammit Aug 2022 #26
But Trump is not a candidate in this year's midterms, wnylib Aug 2022 #28
I'm not disagreeing at all. I have no idea what this means or where it's going. Seems like a slow Evolve Dammit Aug 2022 #29
I think it's going to speed up very soon. wnylib Aug 2022 #31
Here's hoping! Evolve Dammit Aug 2022 #33
... Faux pas Aug 2022 #34
The Armchair Prosecutors have returned from summer vacation? brooklynite Aug 2022 #35
it's still funny to me to see how cowardly the Republicans are, Josh was the icing JuJuChen Aug 2022 #37
Well I'm one lawyer who will tell you that all you said and more can and should be done. Solomon Aug 2022 #38
Can't wait.. he's already had Cha Aug 2022 #40
Kicking for vitriol! Drum Sep 2022 #41
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