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Good grief Deuxcents Sep 2022 #1
No, you insurrectionist scum, we do notmake fun of your GED. I know a number niyad Sep 2022 #2
She had to take this exam four times LetMyPeopleVote Sep 2022 #8
"Voting for Democrats" is also like electing NANCY Pelosi... dchill Sep 2022 #22
Yes, Ii know that. She is an absolute disgrace. Oh, and she poisoned niyad Sep 2022 #33
Murdering the scriptures is wanton killing. Everybody knows that! czarjak Sep 2022 #3
Off to the Greatest page with you! SeattleVet Sep 2022 #4
I thought a wonton killing was one committed by the Gazpacho Police... regnaD kciN Sep 2022 #5
She must think about food all the time. betsuni Sep 2022 #9
Thank goodness her ptomaine palace closed. niyad Sep 2022 #35
I've got to confess... rubbersole Sep 2022 #12
Pho sure. tanyev Sep 2022 #31
I don't think Hardee's services wontons underpants Sep 2022 #37
That was traitor greene. niyad Sep 2022 #34
Good one! calimary Sep 2022 #38
"but it sounds interesting" Grokenstein Sep 2022 #6
Truly stupid trash dalton99a Sep 2022 #7
An example of someone who has never read a book.... A HERETIC I AM Sep 2022 #10
I am soooo embarrassed to be from Colorado... wsulik Sep 2022 #11
Welcome to our DU family. I have a friend in her district, and we commiserate niyad Sep 2022 #36
All that nonsense appeals to equally ignorant nitwits. The_Casual_Observer Sep 2022 #13
There's a lot of candidates for dumbest person in Congress, but she certainly is amongst the RockRaven Sep 2022 #14
She can be both NJCher Sep 2022 #18
Listening to it I wouldn't have been able to guess what the original word was. grantcart Sep 2022 #15
"Mizz Boobert, you want duck sauce with your wonton?"🥟 sprinkleeninow Sep 2022 #16
Jesus wept! LoisB Sep 2022 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author Tetrachloride Sep 2022 #19
She failed a GED 3 times and it is at about 4th grade level. alphafemale Sep 2022 #20
Glad that was only 25 seconds long. That smote my olfactories. Hermit-The-Prog Sep 2022 #21
A wonton killing is annihinoodleation. dchill Sep 2022 #23
Dumbass. Demnation Sep 2022 #24
We are dealing with . . . Richard D Sep 2022 #25
A wanton killing is what s noodlehead like her does to the English language. yellowcanine Sep 2022 #26
BTW my local Chinese restaurant Dirty Socialist Sep 2022 #27
Chinese food is not a favorite of mine either. Emile Sep 2022 #28
*sniff* Won't somebody think of the poor wontons? *sniff* nt Buns_of_Fire Sep 2022 #29
In fairness, who doesn't want to kill a bowl of wontons Takket Sep 2022 #30
Stupid. Just like how the repubs like their voters Liberal In Texas Sep 2022 #32
Is everyone in her district just as stupid as she is? Mysterian Sep 2022 #39
Love that meme underpants Sep 2022 #40
Patrons of her restaurant have been known to take frequent, immediate dumplings Blue Owl Sep 2022 #41
Shit for brains. (nt) Paladin Sep 2022 #42
Perpetrated by the gazpacho police LetMyPeopleVote Sep 2022 #43
Hmm that's not a bad idea jcgoldie Sep 2022 #44
Boebert also does not understand the US Constitution LetMyPeopleVote Sep 2022 #45
Wonton killing. calimary Sep 2022 #46
Before my wonton killing, I insist on eating most of my Sweet & Sour Chicken! Brainfodder Sep 2022 #47
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