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Response to mahatmakanejeeves (Original post)

Come on, internet. Let's make this mfer famous. Sky Jewels Sep 2022 #1
So, what did happen? Hekate Sep 2022 #2
It's DU's favorite: Twitter bait. maxsolomon Sep 2022 #3
I Find It Annoying ProfessorGAC Sep 2022 #6
Just click on the link below the OP twitter photo that says "Follow the conversation" ancianita Sep 2022 #38
Here's a regular link. LisaM Sep 2022 #8
TY. As for the flight attendants, they've had facial bones broken & other serious injuries... Hekate Sep 2022 #12
I don't know that he had previous incidents. LisaM Sep 2022 #15
Weird because in the story it says she was unaware of Treefrog Sep 2022 #30
Because it happened while she was asleep. LisaM Sep 2022 #40
An idiot doing idiotic things because reasons... LoisB Sep 2022 #4
No, it was a racist, misogynistic violent attack cally Sep 2022 #10
We live in hate world now. Zilli Sep 2022 #34
From the husband's name, I'm assuming race and ethnicity had something to do with this assault. sop Sep 2022 #5
This is not the face of America. dchill Sep 2022 #7
Unfortunately, this is America's face right now Hekate Sep 2022 #9
This is the face of America. Irish_Dem Sep 2022 #11
This is FOX NEWS America. And it's becoming more and more dangerous BComplex Sep 2022 #13
Relentless psychopathic propaganda, designed to destroy our democracy. Irish_Dem Sep 2022 #20
Bingo! BComplex Sep 2022 #43
.. Irish_Dem Sep 2022 #44
lol it actually kinda is WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2022 #37
You must have been asleep for the past few decades. llmart Sep 2022 #41
Thanks for not understanding! dchill Sep 2022 #42
They are working on identifying this asshole LetMyPeopleVote Sep 2022 #14
Seems like they'll be able to flush him out. dchill Sep 2022 #17
I agree rockfordfile Sep 2022 #24
Post removed Post removed Sep 2022 #25
He's not the guy... LuckyCharms Sep 2022 #26
He gives a cogent recap of what happened. grantcart Sep 2022 #35
That guy doesn't look at all like the guy in the OP. Treefrog Sep 2022 #28
See my post above.n/t LuckyCharms Sep 2022 #29
Post removed Post removed Sep 2022 #16
As we have learned over the last 6 years, there are a lot of angry people walking around just wiggs Sep 2022 #18
Angry, bored, privileged, entitled. Irish_Dem Sep 2022 #21
It is only a matter of time before this asshole is identified LetMyPeopleVote Sep 2022 #19
The airline and authorities know exactly who he is. gldstwmn Sep 2022 #31
Trying to read Twiddler links Old Crank Sep 2022 #22
Ah, I wonder what would have happened if LuckyCharms Sep 2022 #23
Clearly, SW Airlines knows who this jerkhole is because his name is on the boarding pass. OMGWTF Sep 2022 #27
I hope they sue Southwest and whoever this man is. n/t iscooterliberally Sep 2022 #32
I do not have a Twitter account . . . . . . AverageOldGuy Sep 2022 #33
I don't either, but I read the whole twitter thread by clicking the link below the photo in the OP. ancianita Sep 2022 #39
Southwest knows who he is IronLionZion Sep 2022 #36
Was the table down or up when her head ended up on or against it? And did the perp KNOW Rocknation Sep 2022 #45
Just your typical angry, mediocre male that's mad at the world. Oneironaut Sep 2022 #46
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