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Fri Sep 30, 2022, 10:28 AM Sep 2022

Marjorie Taylor Greene divorce papers reveal string of affairs including... [View all]


Marjorie Taylor Greene divorce papers reveal string of affairs including ones with a gym manager and "tantric sex guru".

Another moral degenerate, just like Trump pretending to be a good "conservative Christian" these people are literally just actors seriously and people gobble it up.
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Yep dalton99a Sep 2022 #1
Is that an arrow trimmed into chest hair louslobbs Sep 2022 #4
Caption says it's cosplay, he's dressed like a video game character (nt) Hugh_Lebowski Sep 2022 #15
It's Zangief cosplay Sympthsical Sep 2022 #19
Thanks louslobbs Sep 2022 #43
He doesn't quite have... SergeStorms Sep 2022 #93
Mouse Smackdown2019 Oct 2022 #146
It is a Zangief cosplay obamanut2012 Sep 2022 #49
They actually look like J6 insurrectionists Stinky The Clown Sep 2022 #5
That's exactly who they look like NJCher Oct 2022 #136
She sure seems to have a thing for hair... nt allegorical oracle Sep 2022 #20
I might just be a cranky, crass old thing, but there isn't enough money on the planet to Vinca Sep 2022 #25
LOL!! Couldn't agree more.... Sogo Sep 2022 #91
Not even the too much vodka thing? Abolishinist Sep 2022 #129
Is that arrow supposed to point down to his penis? Aviation Pro Sep 2022 #27
No, it is a Zangief cosplay, as the caption says obamanut2012 Sep 2022 #51
could be both mahina Sep 2022 #108
Good Christian my ass. 3catwoman3 Sep 2022 #2
What? Cracklin Charlie Sep 2022 #10
The easy out, so to speak, of forgiveness in Christianity... 3catwoman3 Sep 2022 #38
They're not even following traditional Christian teachings. Elessar Zappa Sep 2022 #50
She had her fingers crossed behind her back. Sky Jewels Sep 2022 #76
and 12 step work calls for admitting wrongs AND making amends Ponietz Sep 2022 #53
Yep, it even has a name with theologians. It's called "cheap grace", and it's frowned upon... keep_left Sep 2022 #63
3 days ago Russian Orthodox patriarch Kirill said conscripts who died would be forgiven Ponietz Sep 2022 #74
Is this the guy who is Putin's man in the Church? keep_left Sep 2022 #77
Forgiveness in Christianity is wnylib Sep 2022 #66
In confession, priests would often tell you to make amends nuxvomica Oct 2022 #143
He got riipped off. skypilot Sep 2022 #57
Easy answer NowISeetheLight Sep 2022 #128
I think that they are called "Alternative Christians." Chainfire Sep 2022 #18
I quite like "Lower Life Form." lindysalsagal Sep 2022 #26
: onecaliberal Sep 2022 #3
One marriage on paper, many affairs Historic NY Sep 2022 #6
Well it's not Rebl2 Sep 2022 #31
In another era, she'd resign Johnny2X2X Sep 2022 #7
Holier than thou,.... magicarpet Sep 2022 #8
Sadly, this is going to be deliciously fun. Sneederbunk Sep 2022 #9
And now we know why she wants privacy in this matter. Norbert Sep 2022 #11
Does the Daily Mail have to repeat everything 2-3 times? underpants Sep 2022 #12
Their target audience EYESORE 9001 Sep 2022 #17
Lol, this. And require good trash or they'll go elsewhere for it. Hortensis Sep 2022 #30
Yoga Tantric Sex Guru Dorian Gray Sep 2022 #85
Research NJCher Oct 2022 #134
Can we just call her Marjorie Taylor now? Has she been demoted by one name Walleye Sep 2022 #13
Oh, great idea! I'm going to. "MT" for those who abbreviate? Hortensis Sep 2022 #34
Is that short for Marjorie Tantricsexguru? mahina Sep 2022 #109
:) Too nice for her. But, the world would be a better place... Hortensis Sep 2022 #112
MT Brain, MT Heart, MT of Ideas ... (nt) muriel_volestrangler Oct 2022 #162
The party of morals and values everyone! Initech Sep 2022 #14
These 2 affairs were known/talked about a long time ago Hugh_Lebowski Sep 2022 #16
I was going to ask that Sympthsical Sep 2022 #22
I mean, it isn't unreasonable to extrapolate. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2022 #24
Yes, they were supposedly in 2012, a decade ago. Hortensis Sep 2022 #36
There is perhaps a difference quakerboy Sep 2022 #101
Shouldn't she stay in her marriage even if it's violent. LakeArenal Sep 2022 #21
That's correct. SergeStorms Sep 2022 #95
Same thing. LakeArenal Sep 2022 #96
Yes, and didn't she make some quote about this? hamsterjill Oct 2022 #137
Is there something she said that didn't piss you off? LakeArenal Oct 2022 #149
Well, you're right!!! hamsterjill Oct 2022 #150
Please!!! LakeArenal Oct 2022 #151
It was this shit... hamsterjill Oct 2022 #155
So she reportedly cleaved to a couple other men I hear. LakeArenal Oct 2022 #157
You're bad!!!!! LOL hamsterjill Oct 2022 #161
When Bill did it, it was the end of the world. When she does it, she's Scrivener7 Sep 2022 #23
Yep, Delphinus Sep 2022 #54
I don't know abut the God part DBoon Sep 2022 #113
One of the strangest. Scrivener7 Sep 2022 #115
I remember posting a message about her affairs early last year... Just found it. highplainsdem Sep 2022 #28
+1 dalton99a Sep 2022 #29
The shameful always want to project their shame onto scapegoats, like LGBTQ lindysalsagal Sep 2022 #32
She's such a good Christian. BradBo Sep 2022 #33
Bold hypocrisy is considered a job qualification in the GOP. 70sEraVet Sep 2022 #35
Continually astonishing to me, that's not really hyperbole. Hortensis Sep 2022 #37
No wonder she was begging the press to "protect her privacy" groundloop Sep 2022 #39
She loves Privacy dalton99a Sep 2022 #41
Worst cosplay ever GenThePerservering Sep 2022 #122
Performance art in pursuit of victimhood for insurrectionists Zambero Oct 2022 #145
lololol Solly Mack Sep 2022 #40
She is a freak. rubbersole Sep 2022 #42
"Family values" CaptainTruth Sep 2022 #44
I really don't care about other people's sex lives vlyons Sep 2022 #45
I don't either. But I do care about the double standard. Scrivener7 Sep 2022 #47
I care because it reveals what an absolute hypocrite she is. infullview Sep 2022 #58
Is there not Traildogbob Sep 2022 #46
She is SAVED - as in exempt from everything dalton99a Sep 2022 #48
Executive privilege Traildogbob Sep 2022 #55
She's exempt from everything... llmart Sep 2022 #56
Ah, the Kim Davis method! Crowman2009 Sep 2022 #82
The cleansing is permanent after you get dunked in water dalton99a Sep 2022 #84
There's the get out of jail free, get to heaven whatever I do, hide-behind symbol. No offense Evolve Dammit Sep 2022 #92
How fitting that she wears an Ancient Roman torture/death device dangling around her neck. GoCubsGo Oct 2022 #140
Some years ago, I read an interesting comment (not here) about people wearing... 3catwoman3 Oct 2022 #148
Hypocrite? Yes. "Moral degenerate"? Come on. Cuthbert Allgood Sep 2022 #52
I totally believe this but..... BlueKentuckyGirl Sep 2022 #59
Just thinking about... appmanga Sep 2022 #60
Normally I wouldn't slut shame, but for that trogloqytic bottomfeeder's case AZLD4Candidate Sep 2022 #61
These "conservative" Christian's should be called... dslyahoo Sep 2022 #62
This might get the attention of the MSM. Emile Sep 2022 #64
I dunno... WinstonSmith4740 Sep 2022 #65
THis means the GOP wants to get rid of her, even if it means electing a Democrat Warpy Sep 2022 #67
I rejoice in MTG's public humiliation. Paladin Sep 2022 #68
I don't give a damn about an individual's sexual practices Stuckinthebush Sep 2022 #69
If Marjorie Taylor Greene would have spent more time with the sex guru Emile Sep 2022 #70
Only care that's she's screwing American democracy and all of us Wild blueberry Sep 2022 #71
if dems did this , ohm myyyyy. hem dual standard nonsense, AllaN01Bear Sep 2022 #72
Really - I Thought It Would Be... Including Trump! panfluteman Sep 2022 #73
Geez, what a gal! Cozmo Sep 2022 #75
"I'm MTG. I like long walks on the beach, planting pipe bombs, and overthrowing democracies." Sky Jewels Sep 2022 #78
+1. Where was she between 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. on January 5, 2021? dalton99a Sep 2022 #81
I sure hope DOJ is on this and ... Sky Jewels Sep 2022 #89
I hope you all saw all my post yesterday where I was praying that all the tea gets spilt lol Heather MC Sep 2022 #79
wonder if she needs other shots besides covid dembotoz Sep 2022 #80
Awww she just wants to be like Dear Leader. nt oldsoftie Sep 2022 #83
"Hate your neighbor, but don't forget to say grace" (from song The Edge of Destruction) halfulglas Sep 2022 #86
Your fundamentalist friend sounds just like the ones I grew up with. ShazzieB Sep 2022 #119
My bad. You're right about Eve of Destruction. halfulglas Sep 2022 #127
Sadly, I have an older female cousin that is convinced tRump was sent by God nightwing1240 Sep 2022 #87
Similar thing happened to me with a couple relatives in 2015 when t**** was running. progressoid Sep 2022 #102
lol sounds like me and my cousin nightwing1240 Oct 2022 #142
Then it will be God's Will when they send him to prison. Emile Sep 2022 #111
It was "God's Will" she spend time with sex guru, so it is all forgiven. Emile Sep 2022 #88
No wonder she asked for privacy in this matter. Sogo Sep 2022 #90
We are all flawed. The divorce/affairs are typically personal matters... Caliman73 Sep 2022 #94
We've come so far since "The Scarlet Letter" ... nt eppur_se_muova Sep 2022 #97
she rubbed trump's crotch.... remember this? imagine if [any democrat] did something like that? IcyPeas Sep 2022 #98
Jesus Christ! LuckyCharms Sep 2022 #99
Scanning... Unable to locate dalton99a Sep 2022 #105
Maybe the boyfriend can tell us where she was on Jan. 5, 2021. Kingofalldems Sep 2022 #100
Boyfriend the sixth fleet Emile Sep 2022 #106
George says MTG is now available keithbvadu2 Sep 2022 #103
Can we please give them some privacy? LudwigPastorius Sep 2022 #104
Kick this one. Kingofalldems Sep 2022 #107
. Carlitos Brigante Sep 2022 #110
Ewww! You mean to tell me someone actually........ n/t brewens Sep 2022 #114
devout in her deviance RANDYWILDMAN Sep 2022 #116
no impact Slammer Sep 2022 #117
I honestly do not care what kind of kink consenting adults are into Skittles Sep 2022 #118
"these people are literally just actors" soldierant Sep 2022 #120
WHO would want to have an affair with someone that stupid and obnoxious? BigDemVoter Sep 2022 #121
"tantric sex guru" lol Hassin Bin Sober Sep 2022 #123
What an asshole. ismnotwasm Sep 2022 #124
Family values Demovictory9 Sep 2022 #125
Is it my imagination or does it seem like the more vocal the right wing conservative someone is the cstanleytech Sep 2022 #126
Yes... NowISeetheLight Sep 2022 #130
Not your imagination - to wit, Newt Gingrich. 3catwoman3 Oct 2022 #153
+1, uponit7771 Oct 2022 #159
This one is a real ...."winner" ...NOT.. Stuart G Oct 2022 #131
Eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2022 #132
No shock BradAllison Oct 2022 #133
Gentle woman couldn't keep her pants on bucolic_frolic Oct 2022 #135
"The gentlelady from (insert state)..." is the customary way of... 3catwoman3 Oct 2022 #152
It would take a super dose of viagra and whiskey to boot Beachnutt Oct 2022 #138
I can only read about her COL Mustard Oct 2022 #139
Republicans ARE moral degenerates in innumerable ways..... paleotn Oct 2022 #141
+1. Their hypocrisy is world-class dalton99a Oct 2022 #156
Last report I read on this business, indicated the files were sealed to the public msfiddlestix Oct 2022 #144
This is from a prior divorce filing hardluck Oct 2022 #147
✔️ Ty n/t msfiddlestix Oct 2022 #154
For this thread LetMyPeopleVote Oct 2022 #158
Betrayal of her family is count 1, not hypocrisy gulliver Oct 2022 #160
ex-husband posts photo... trusty elf May 2023 #163
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