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2. It makes all the difference. I was the sister in a similar situation more than 40 years
Tue Oct 11, 2022, 07:28 AM
Oct 2022

ago. My last tactic was more of the tough love variety after much cajoling failed. Fortunately, it took and my brother's been off the booze ever since. He's made a very good life for himself, earned advanced degrees and treats people with addiction issues. The GOP mocks Biden about his son and derides the son quite openly, all while they know people - probably relatives - dealing with the same issues. There are no saints when it comes to addiction.

They have no... 2naSalit Oct 2022 #1
And afterwards, laugh peppertree Oct 2022 #13
This Farmer-Rick Oct 2022 #14
True. ...nt 2naSalit Oct 2022 #15
They live by the motto, "Nice guys finish last" PatSeg Oct 2022 #17
It makes all the difference. I was the sister in a similar situation more than 40 years Vinca Oct 2022 #2
This is damaging to Biden the same way that ... RealityBasedNewYorkr Oct 2022 #3
Very good point! yardwork Oct 2022 #8
"The cruelty is the point." Nt raccoon Oct 2022 #19
How did they get this recording??? Bev54 Oct 2022 #27
I wondered that, too Leith Oct 2022 #30
Rupert Murdoch can find that conversation... Kid Berwyn Oct 2022 #4
My take exactly. n/t Hugin Oct 2022 #6
An "A" for you. jaxexpat Oct 2022 #21
I believe someone leaked it to Faux Noise FakeNoose Oct 2022 #23
It's ironic that they're trying to make an issue of that, while GoCubsGo Oct 2022 #5
Odd - When he tells so many other lies about everything else - soldierant Oct 2022 #31
The attitude toward drugs is such a failure in this country. Lonestarblue Oct 2022 #7
They should definitely decriminalize drugs and stop arresting people for small amounts. Ligyron Oct 2022 #11
This underscores how contemptible the right wingers are Mr. Ected Oct 2022 #9
Don't forget saint Rushbo, the man of the people... rubbersole Oct 2022 #10
Oh, but that was okay... Ligyron Oct 2022 #12
Rushbo sent his housekeeper to buy his OxyContin. OMGWTF Oct 2022 #25
Hannity thinks this is damning? 867-5309. Oct 2022 #16
Can you imagine the Slobfather Jilly_in_VA Oct 2022 #18
Soooooo. . .the russian propaganda network thinks this phone call (and niyad Oct 2022 #20
They really are Bettie Oct 2022 #22
Is there a clip available of Hannity's narration of this? RVN VET71 Oct 2022 #24
These fucking assholes. Snackshack Oct 2022 #26
The only damage this can do to Biden is that people who had no intention of halfulglas Oct 2022 #28
They don't know what to do with Joe Roy Rolling Oct 2022 #29
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