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22. We were visiting our Grandson
Wed Oct 12, 2022, 02:13 AM
Oct 2022

and his daughter had started Kindergarten a week ago. Her teacher, not wanting to miss the first day of school, (can't blame her for that) came to school with what she thought were mild cold symptoms. She wasn't there the next day, stayed home sick. She had infected about half the class and the kid had some sniffles. We had been around her for a few days before we knew all of this. So she tested positive and we just shrugged our shoulders and hoped for the best.

We drove 150 miles to home the next day, and by then we were feeling some symptoms and we both tested positive. It shows how this thing can spread so easily. Who knows how many people in the homes of those kids who were infected by the teacher caught it? And we transported it 150 miles. We of course quarantined and didn't spread it any further we hope. As described in my other post, my symptoms were very mild but it was 10 days until I tested negative.

I have COVID [View all] firstwife Oct 2022 OP
Sending healing vibes your way, firstwife pdxflyboy Oct 2022 #1
BQ.1.1 subvariant inbound, and it is nasty Celerity Oct 2022 #2
sending du vibes ur way. AllaN01Bear Oct 2022 #3
I am so sorry. PoindexterOglethorpe Oct 2022 #4
Best wishes. tanyev Oct 2022 #5
Holy shit! BigmanPigman Oct 2022 #6
My wife and I caught it six weeks ago. Mr.Bill Oct 2022 #13
I can't risk getting it. Besides having asthma, wnylib Oct 2022 #20
Man, it sometimes sounds so random BigmanPigman Oct 2022 #21
We were visiting our Grandson Mr.Bill Oct 2022 #22
I wish more people were as responsible as you are. BigmanPigman Oct 2022 #24
Thank you for the work you have done as a teacher. Mr.Bill Oct 2022 #25
If teachers were paid on the same pay scale as other professionals BigmanPigman Oct 2022 #26
My wif e used to work with the wife of our county's Mr.Bill Oct 2022 #27
It is a sad state of affairs, isn't it? BigmanPigman Oct 2022 #51
She should have missed the first day. Meowmee Oct 2022 #28
Our daughter-in-law has had Covid three times -- caught it from the kids bringing it home. OMGWTF Oct 2022 #48
Still masking as well. Only one in the family though, so anyone could bring it home. Grrr. Evolve Dammit Oct 2022 #45
Have you been prescribed Palaxovid? Tomconroy Oct 2022 #7
I got it. I'm 65. I'll swear I felt worse in some ways but who knows how it would have been without. captain queeg Oct 2022 #17
I've heard mixed anecdotal reviews on that IronLionZion Oct 2022 #41
Positive vibes. onecaliberal Oct 2022 #8
i'm so sorry you're going through this orleans Oct 2022 #9
Get better. TigressDem Oct 2022 #10
I hope you'll have a fast and FULL Recovery! Scary! electric_blue68 Oct 2022 #11
Sorry - and thank you for the reminder. Ms. Toad Oct 2022 #12
Shit! What a harrowing experience, firstwife! calimary Oct 2022 #14
Sent up quick healing vibes for you @firstwife. iluvtennis Oct 2022 #15
So sorry first wife! cilla4progress Oct 2022 #16
Be well! I don't know if you are a candidate for AllyCat Oct 2022 #18
I hope you heal fully oldtime dfl_er Oct 2022 #19
Take care and rest BittyJenkins Oct 2022 #23
I am sorry Meowmee Oct 2022 #29
Healing vibes on the way! 💗💗💗 SheltieLover Oct 2022 #30
I am so sorry first wife Dorian Gray Oct 2022 #31
Sending good vibes to you ribrepin Oct 2022 #32
In a local John Ludi Oct 2022 #33
Try and get the antibody infusion AmBlue Oct 2022 #34
I am so sorry too. I am 66 and have covid now and I have been 1WorldHope Oct 2022 #35
My father is fully vaccinated and boosted and is currently on a ventilator with Covid liberal_mama Oct 2022 #36
When was the last time he got a booster? nt LAS14 Oct 2022 #54
I'd have to ask my mother for exact date, but not long ago liberal_mama Oct 2022 #57
Thanks for the detail. I do wish him and you well!!! nt LAS14 Oct 2022 #60
I have been Rebl2 Oct 2022 #37
That's very scary. What state are you in? Joe's cavalier comment that it's over was not accurate.nt Evolve Dammit Oct 2022 #44
I am Rebl2 Oct 2022 #47
Thanks for that. And take good care. Hope all will be OK. Evolve Dammit Oct 2022 #50
My husband, vaccinated, has it, too. He had one really bad day and now it's more like a Vinca Oct 2022 #38
Soooo sorry, but I have to ask: have you been wearing a mask? Karadeniz Oct 2022 #39
Hoping you get well soon and keep positive vibes. Pepsidog Oct 2022 #40
thanks for posting. peacebuzzard Oct 2022 #42
OMG. That is horrible. I am so sorry and hope you're going to be OK. Thanks for posting. XO back. Evolve Dammit Oct 2022 #43
Get better EnergizedLib Oct 2022 #46
Positive vibes on their way to you right now; feel better soon! OMGWTF Oct 2022 #49
Sending vibes for healing and strength. You know that your DU family will be holding niyad Oct 2022 #52
When did you receive your latest booster? nt LAS14 Oct 2022 #53
Please rest, rest, rest. It's the fastest way to get through. Good vibes and wishes for ancianita Oct 2022 #55
Oh my ... Delphinus Oct 2022 #56
Sleep with your upper body elevated as much as you can tolerate. TigressDem Oct 2022 #58
Very sorry to hear that. Thanks for posting. jerseyjim Oct 2022 #59
I'm so sorry. area51 Oct 2022 #61
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