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100% Me. Oct 2022 #1
+1 2naSalit Oct 2022 #11
+ 1000 nt TigressDem Oct 2022 #43
99.999% but I'm an easy grader! hedda_foil Oct 2022 #2
It's more likely than not. sop Oct 2022 #3
Jared acted like a security clearance was a license to sell our country's secrets. keithbvadu2 Oct 2022 #4
Trump had to intervene to get Jared's top secret clearance approved. Lasher Oct 2022 #26
A no-brainer. Grasswire2 Oct 2022 #5
Yep, sold it to China if I remember correctly Trailrider1951 Oct 2022 #28
Explains a lot ... including subsequnt MBS crackdown/execution of family members /nt philly_bob Oct 2022 #6
i was thinking other secrets, but spies in saudi would bring in big bucks certainot Oct 2022 #34
In reality DENVERPOPS Oct 2022 #35
thanks, great analysis. certainot Oct 2022 #37
They had begun turning the vaccine distribution into a spoils system in the Fall of '20. Hugin Oct 2022 #50
Great Analysis. philly_bob Oct 2022 #52
Wouldn't give a percentage Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2022 #7
Future deals FifthColumn Oct 2022 #30
Dah winnah! Nt raccoon Oct 2022 #48
Do fat boys like cake? nt Atticus Oct 2022 #8
I make the odds about three to one that he did. I mean, why wouldn't he? Walleye Oct 2022 #9
Yup. Scrivener7 Oct 2022 #10
He did something worth 2 billion. What else is worth leftyladyfrommo Oct 2022 #12
I agree, the Saudi's are profit motivated. They don't do things for free. patphil Oct 2022 #19
Very likely, the rot of corruption went international wildman76 Oct 2022 #13
There is NO OTHER EXPLANATION. dchill Oct 2022 #14
Of course he did FakeNoose Oct 2022 #15
A better question is who would give Jared $2 billion dollars for nothing? Heather MC Oct 2022 #16
Very likely gademocrat7 Oct 2022 #17
A near certainty. n/t ms liberty Oct 2022 #18
Entertain This Possibility Roy Rolling Oct 2022 #20
To be accurate, Kushner did NOT get $2B personally Fiendish Thingy Oct 2022 #21
This is Wikipedia's account of Jared's investment firm. Still sounds weird, imho... allegorical oracle Oct 2022 #31
100% mrsadm Oct 2022 #22
Along with arranging weapons and nuke sales, you bet he did. Ford_Prefect Oct 2022 #23
Jared might have been a middleman to funnel the cash to tfg. rubbersole Oct 2022 #24
Never any doubt in my mind. WinstonSmith4740 Oct 2022 #25
This has to be a payoff because no sane person would trust Jared with this much momey LetMyPeopleVote Oct 2022 #27
No doubt in my mind SheltieLover Oct 2022 #29
I've been saying this for months thomhartmann Oct 2022 #32
Very high Picaro Oct 2022 #33
Since he had near zero experience in private equity.... paleotn Oct 2022 #36
Actually very low jmowreader Oct 2022 #38
Perfect place for a direct swap DENVERPOPS Oct 2022 #39
You'd use a dead drop for that jmowreader Oct 2022 #40
Mr. Trump DENVERPOPS Oct 2022 #44
Trump's MO seems to be separating the money exchange (and himself) from the transfer... Hugin Oct 2022 #51
How much did the Saudi's pay Trump for the golf tournament at Bedminster? sarcasmo Oct 2022 #41
Your premise is faulty to begin with. grantcart Oct 2022 #42
man jcgoldie Oct 2022 #45
I know, I know. I grew up in strict Goldwater/conservative/bible is literal home grantcart Oct 2022 #47
I only hope it can be proven. nt Samrob Oct 2022 #46
A certainty Xoan Oct 2022 #49
Honestly, Kushner was so cautious and so out of step with the WH pro-Putinextremists Bucky Oct 2022 #53
150% niyad Oct 2022 #54
Is the Pope Catholic? Does a bear poop in the woods? Hekate Oct 2022 #55
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