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34. Day 10 for me
Sun Oct 16, 2022, 04:03 PM
Oct 2022

Still miserable. Vaxxed & boosted too. W my fibro I expect a long recovery. Best of luck to you. Yes, masking & little travel/crowds. Feel better. SO bad.

Hope you feel better soon MLAA Oct 2022 #1
So sorry, Samplegirl. A real warning. Hortensis Oct 2022 #2
I caught it about six weeks ago. Mr.Bill Oct 2022 #3
My sister will be angry at me again this year for skipping Christmas. CrispyQ Oct 2022 #4
The flu is supposed to bad this winter and there is a nasty wave of Covid coming this winter. RKP5637 Oct 2022 #5
More than doubled in a day SheltieLover Oct 2022 #11
... RKP5637 Oct 2022 #25
Ikr! SheltieLover Oct 2022 #54
Latest CDC Variant Proportion Tracker BumRushDaShow Oct 2022 #45
Thx! SheltieLover Oct 2022 #55
fantastic *sigh* Takket Oct 2022 #12
Sadly so many people often don't pay attention to things until a crisis RKP5637 Oct 2022 #23
Yep. Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2022 #50
I can't take the flu shot samplegirl Oct 2022 #14
... RKP5637 Oct 2022 #21
Wow, this XBB subvariant evades antibodies. Thanks for this info. Will contine to mask at iluvtennis Oct 2022 #29
Yep, I was surprised when I read it. I had thought we were really on the RKP5637 Oct 2022 #31
Interesting Article samplegirl Oct 2022 #43
Yes, I definitely think this is the case. It must be so difficult to have a lingering RKP5637 Oct 2022 #52
My son and I ate at Cracker Barrel last night... Laffy Kat Oct 2022 #6
Eating in a room of strangers is one of the top ways to catch it. NullTuples Oct 2022 #26
K&R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So many people act like they never even have had an elementary RKP5637 Oct 2022 #35
Had been Rebl2 Oct 2022 #57
That's how hubby and I caught it. woodsprite Oct 2022 #63
I totally agree. Laffy Kat Oct 2022 #69
Short staffed because they're out with COVID? NullTuples Oct 2022 #71
I'm sorry XanaDUer2 Oct 2022 #7
A ray of hope cyclonefence Oct 2022 #8
Covid came to our nouse Katcat Oct 2022 #24
I feel you cyclonefence Oct 2022 #28
Depends on the type of test bottomofthehill Oct 2022 #30
And I am sorry, I should have started with, hope you feel better soon. bottomofthehill Oct 2022 #40
Thanks samplegirl Oct 2022 #53
... sprinkleeninow Oct 2022 #9
I'm sorry you're not feeling well MissMillie Oct 2022 #10
Healing vibes on the way! 💗💗💗 SheltieLover Oct 2022 #13
I tested positive on August 1. Staph Oct 2022 #15
I'm also COVID positive and have been for three days. intheflow Oct 2022 #16
I had fever and chills samplegirl Oct 2022 #38
These have been my symptoms for the last several days but I am still testing negative. gldstwmn Oct 2022 #79
Hope you feel better soon. My husband (double vaccinated and double boosted) caught Covid skylucy Oct 2022 #17
I'm sorry samplegirl Diamond_Dog Oct 2022 #18
Oh my ... Delphinus Oct 2022 #19
Oh dear I'm sorry to hear this FakeNoose Oct 2022 #20
I had breast cancer surgery iwillalwayswonderwhy Oct 2022 #22
I hope your recovery has gone well! (Except for that complication...) deurbano Oct 2022 #33
Thank you iwillalwayswonderwhy Oct 2022 #58
Fantastic that you can avoid chemo, and best wishes on the radiation treatments! My mom had deurbano Oct 2022 #65
So sorry samplegirl Quakerfriend Oct 2022 #27
wishing you well Skittles Oct 2022 #32
Yes the mask was key. samplegirl Oct 2022 #39
Day 10 for me firstwife Oct 2022 #34
Now why did you go and do that for? Solly Mack Oct 2022 #36
Thank you Solly samplegirl Oct 2022 #67
Wow! Hang in there samplegirl. I'm with you KPN Oct 2022 #37
Thank you samplegirl Oct 2022 #41
I still mask and now when out and see other masked people DURHAM D Oct 2022 #42
I tested positive for 12 days... Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2022 #44
Mine lasted about two weeks. Grumpy Old Guy Oct 2022 #46
Sending good vibes your way. True Blue American Oct 2022 #47
Thanks for all the Well Wishes samplegirl Oct 2022 #56
Are you taking treatments like Paxlovid? IronLionZion Oct 2022 #48
My husband just tested positive on day 10. He's improving, but still stuffed up Vinca Oct 2022 #49
I'm so sorry. barbtries Oct 2022 #51
I had all the shots and boasters as soon as they were available .. Jarqui Oct 2022 #59
I have been very... Snackshack Oct 2022 #60
My psych day program has a mask requirement I_UndergroundPanther Oct 2022 #61
Scary, since you'd had the latest booster. Were you masked at the fundraiser? nt LAS14 Oct 2022 #62
Hope you are your day or two, then fully recovered! Good luck to everyone else, too. electric_blue68 Oct 2022 #64
So sorry! Hoping you'll get well soon!!! CaptainTruth Oct 2022 #66
I'm recovering from Covid GenThePerservering Oct 2022 #68
Well, the good news (for US) is we'll see you more here (probably) TigressDem Oct 2022 #70
Goood luck buddy mahina Oct 2022 #72
last time I had it, it took about three weeks to get over anarch Oct 2022 #73
Get well,soon malaise Oct 2022 #74
Hope you feel better soon! Took me 12 days to stop testing positive... Pacifist Patriot Oct 2022 #75
Sending vibes for recovery and healing. niyad Oct 2022 #76
10 days till I was negative. live love laugh Oct 2022 #77
Get well soon. gldstwmn Oct 2022 #78
How are you feeling? Nt XanaDUer2 Oct 2022 #80
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