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30. I predict that he will hint at a 2016 run.
Tue Nov 6, 2012, 10:03 AM
Nov 2012

Which is totally ludicrous, yes.... but no more or less ludicrous than anything he has said or done over the last year-and-a-half.

I'm not sure what he will say or do Whisp Nov 2012 #1
Damn Skippy! nt MrScorpio Nov 2012 #10
He may be loose, but he surely will lose! RoccoR5955 Nov 2012 #2
The fucker has lost IT a long time ago!!!! Buddaman Nov 2012 #3
No. By this time, they have the drugs fine-tuned for any situation. (nt) enough Nov 2012 #4
That's what I think. Mariana Nov 2012 #32
He won't cry for HIS Mommy....she was a Dem JanMichael Nov 2012 #5
I doubt his father (RIP) would have voted for him if he wasn't his son. JohnnyBoots Nov 2012 #12
That's what I meant. Mommy Anne. n/t BellaKos Nov 2012 #15
Lenore Romney was not a Democrat k8conant Nov 2012 #19
Yes, he also believes that he is JohnnyBoots Nov 2012 #6
Exactly. n/t BellaKos Nov 2012 #20
If he lost it on TV, that would be classic liberal N proud Nov 2012 #7
Interesting. Whether he looses it in publc view or not may not be the big tell. edgineered Nov 2012 #8
Loose what? The Kracken? n/t cherokeeprogressive Nov 2012 #9
Post removed Post removed Nov 2012 #11
Network? JohnnyBoots Nov 2012 #14
Real-life, live tv. H2O Man Nov 2012 #16
I meant the movie 'Network', is that where Bud Dwyer is from? JohnnyBoots Nov 2012 #23
No. H2O Man Nov 2012 #25
Googled, Holy Crap. NT JohnnyBoots Nov 2012 #27
Yep. H2O Man Nov 2012 #28
Some events are so bizarre that our mind protects itself with laughter..... RagAss Nov 2012 #29
thats not even cool to suggest. nt. pnwest Nov 2012 #33
oh deer H2O Man Nov 2012 #35
Are you for real? Do you really, really think so? Brickbat Nov 2012 #36
Most people don't know that Bud Dwyer is who the Filter song, "Hey Man, Nice Shot" is about. Ikonoklast Nov 2012 #37
He's been running for president for the past two decades Anthony McCarthy Nov 2012 #13
Could we finally hear the "n" word uttered? durablend Nov 2012 #17
He won't lose it. He will blame it on Hurricane Sandy and just move on. zonkers Nov 2012 #18
He will sweat and cry. k8conant Nov 2012 #21
Let's Get Out To The Polls First...Dance Later... KharmaTrain Nov 2012 #22
He won't lose it. He has to think of Tagg's political career. Gidney N Cloyd Nov 2012 #24
I do. Ganja Ninja Nov 2012 #26
I predict that he will hint at a 2016 run. Chiyo-chichi Nov 2012 #30
I think Queen Ann will have to keep a real tight grip on him n/t LiberalElite Nov 2012 #31
i think he's gonna pull a Cabrera - musette_sf Nov 2012 #34
That's why he wears magic underwear. nt. OldDem2012 Nov 2012 #38
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