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Martin Eden

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4. Social Security and Medicare are EARNED BENEFITS
Mon Oct 24, 2022, 07:50 PM
Oct 2022

I PAID for these earned benefits with deductions from my paycheck during my entire working life.

Republicans give huge tax cuts to the rich and get us mired in extremely costly wars of choice -- jacking up federal budget deficits.

Then they point to the budget deficits, put on their fake "fiscal conservative" masks, and argue that ENTITLEMENTS are bankrupting the government and must be cut back.

Remember Grover Norquist and his goal to "shrink government to a size that can be drowned in a bathtub"?

Republicans WANT budget deficits.
Republicans NEED budget deficits.

Budget deficits ARE ESSENTIAL to their LONG TERMS GOAL to DESTROY Social Security and Medicare.

Their policies futher enrich the oligarchs who finance their political careers, feed the military industrial complex, and jack up budget deficits pursuant to transfer even more wealth from working Americans to the super rich by robbing us of our earned benefits.

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