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31. Last week. Drop box at City Hall. New Haven, CT.
Thu Oct 27, 2022, 08:24 PM
Oct 2022

We don't have early voting (it's on the ballet now tho). We voted under medical exceptions. We're old and hubby has handicaps.

How many of us have voted already? [View all] tenderfoot Oct 2022 OP
Sent in my ballot on Tuesday in California Caliman73 Oct 2022 #1
Just now in Oregon! Mme. Defarge Oct 2022 #5
Nice thing about where I live in Oregon MurrayDelph Oct 2022 #49
PA voter here Joe Cool Oct 2022 #2
Good for you! Rhiannon12866 Oct 2022 #41
Live in a very small city, and love going to the place to vote. a kennedy Oct 2022 #3
I live in a rural town and know most of the people at the poll. Dysfunctional Oct 2022 #10
I haven't yet because I live in a small town and love actually doing it in person. Nanjeanne Oct 2022 #4
I can't until Election Day. Wednesdays Oct 2022 #6
Not yet. Just A Box Of Rain Oct 2022 #7
Voted early "in person" at the county courthouse last Friday! BluesRunTheGame Oct 2022 #8
Voted absentee in Georgia a few days ago. Different Drummer Oct 2022 #9
Love Georgia wryter2000 Oct 2022 #14
I did my part in that regard. n/t Different Drummer Oct 2022 #16
I always go to my town hall on election day. Talitha Oct 2022 #11
Mailed in my ballot wryter2000 Oct 2022 #12
Acceoted and Counted!! msfiddlestix Oct 2022 #29
wife and I voted a few days ago at a small nearby library NewHendoLib Oct 2022 #13
dropped it in a drop box yesterday. IcyPeas Oct 2022 #15
Voted early in September Dave in VA Oct 2022 #17
Dropped mine off Monday morning. And there were others dropping theurs niyad Oct 2022 #18
Sent my mailin ballot back on Monday! lunatica Oct 2022 #19
+1 for my wife bullimiami Oct 2022 #20
I live a block away from my polling place so Luciferous Oct 2022 #21
Vote rso Oct 2022 #22
✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ n/t msfiddlestix Oct 2022 #28
Just now in Los Angeles tishaLA Oct 2022 #23
In New York State, early voting starts on Saturday, October 29th. patphil Oct 2022 #24
I don't like early voting because sometimes I hear more and change my mind Raine Oct 2022 #25
Mailed mine in yesterday. lpbk2713 Oct 2022 #26
Dropped mine off in our battlot box, then 2 days later got a call from Ballottrax msfiddlestix Oct 2022 #27
Western Washington State here Trailrider1951 Oct 2022 #30
Last week. Drop box at City Hall. New Haven, CT. CTyankee Oct 2022 #31
Voted Monday hamsterjill Oct 2022 #32
Both my wife and I voted absentee a week ago in Michigan DetroitLegalBeagle Oct 2022 #33
Voted absentee here in Illinois. Handed my ballot directly to the postmistress. justhanginon Oct 2022 #34
DH and I are going in on Monday Bettie Oct 2022 #35
Voted early in person on Monday in NC mnhtnbb Oct 2022 #36
Wife daughter and I voted straight Democrat in Oregon on Tuesday. neverforget Oct 2022 #37
Kick lamp_shade Oct 2022 #38
Waiting till Election Day Polybius Oct 2022 #39
Warren County here, and according to the NY election website, early voting starts Saturday, 10/29 Rhiannon12866 Oct 2022 #43
Yes, tomorrow Polybius Oct 2022 #50
Well, I voted in both primaries and they were awfully glad to see me, both Democratic and Republican Rhiannon12866 Oct 2022 #52
Voted straight Dem in NM burrowowl Oct 2022 #40
I voted two weeks ago. Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2022 #42
Voted in person early at the county courthouse last week! Emile Oct 2022 #44
Tuesday in Tennessee spanone Oct 2022 #45
Voted early in person Wednesday, working the polls election day Maeve Oct 2022 #46
Went on the day early voting opened here. AngryOldDem Oct 2022 #47
Early vote yesterday. IrishAfricanAmerican Oct 2022 #48
Voted absentee from France - Two Democratic votes in PA GoneOffShore Oct 2022 #51
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