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Martin Eden

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46. I had the same thought about the 9/11 hijackers
Sat Nov 5, 2022, 07:53 AM
Nov 2022

The pundits and politicians were calling them "cowards" but it takes a lot of courage to go into a foreign country, hijack a jetliner, and crash it into a building.

Pointing this out does not condone the terrorist act of murdering thousands of innocent men, women, and children. Nor does it lend any legitimacy to the warped poisonous ideology that misled these men into sacrificing their lives for a cause in which they obviously passionately believed.

The intelligent way to counter that poisonous ideology is not with simple minded mischaraterizations but with a deep dive into the history and current circumstances which drive human beings to commit such atrocities.

To understand them is not to justify their actions. On the contrary, the key to defeating an enemy is to understand his motivations and the context which gave rise to the poisonous ideoligy which has such profound influence not just on an organized terrorist group but on a significant swath of the population.

In our effort to better understand the situation which brought mass murder to our shores, we must not avert our eyes from our own actions overseas. An intelligent foreign policy that serves our best interests and national security requires regular reassessment of our past mistakes, current associations, and future geostrategic considerations -- while keeping in mind our highest ideals and how the United States of America can strive towards being that shining city on the hill that inspires others around the world to follow our lead.

I joined DU in 2002 while GW Bush and the PNAC neocons were manipulating the American people through a systematic campaign of misinformation into supporting an invasion of Iraq which was part of their written agenda before the 9/11 attacks.

We have seen the consequences of their misguided attempt to remake that troubled region by military force. The long occupation of Afhanistan and the brutal war in Iraq demonstrated the limits of American power, badly tarnished our image in the eyes of the world, cost us dearly in blood and treasure while inflicting untold suffering and death on the people who live there, and metastasized the cancerous ideology that gave rise to ISIS.

In our names the administration of GW Bush committed war crimes in a country that had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks. He, his vice president, and others belong in prison instead of leading lives of wealth and privilege.

I find it ironic that the daughter of Dick Cheney is now making a stand now to save our own democracy, but that is another matter and I've rambled on long enough this morning.

My Darling Delusional Mr. Maher [View all] NanceGreggs Nov 2022 OP
Methinks Maher is so in love with himself he won't care (or bother to see). However, that is no CTyankee Nov 2022 #1
I've been a Maher fan for a long time. Initech Nov 2022 #91
good description...ever since he devoted so much air time to the fact that he has to wear glasses... CTyankee Nov 2022 #101
Dear Nance: I hope you mail this to him. Seriously. Hekate Nov 2022 #2
it has fizzled out for him Skittles Nov 2022 #3
I saw that on Youtube and thought YoshidaYui Nov 2022 #4
Absolutely right! claudette Nov 2022 #5
Good for you, Nance! BlueMTexpat Nov 2022 #6
THIS !!! secondwind Nov 2022 #7
Bill who? Marcus IM Nov 2022 #8
I also gave up on him several years ago when it dawned on me how consistently despicable he was. royable Nov 2022 #10
+++ JohnSJ Nov 2022 #17
✔️ msfiddlestix Nov 2022 #75
brilliant reply! bluboid Nov 2022 #9
Why are you blaming Maher for saying what a lot of people are saying? betsuni Nov 2022 #11
A LOT of people are saying ... NanceGreggs Nov 2022 #12
Nope. Not the point at all, this a real thing. betsuni Nov 2022 #13
Anyone who is promoting the idea ... NanceGreggs Nov 2022 #19
Yes I did. Maher supports Democrats. betsuni Nov 2022 #22
Of course he does. NanceGreggs Nov 2022 #26
I think Democrats will lose the midterms. So what? betsuni Nov 2022 #32
It kind of is what it is. Tomconroy Nov 2022 #47
Agree. His guests tonight were good too. I wish Maggie was allowed to speak more. beaglelover Nov 2022 #67
100% Tomconroy Nov 2022 #68
We will know if it is a "real thing" on Tuesday. You may be right, the polls may have this nailed, JohnSJ Nov 2022 #25
No. betsuni Nov 2022 #28
He is an entertainer, who built his career on controversy. Remember Politically Incorrect? His JohnSJ Nov 2022 #34
So? betsuni Nov 2022 #35
That is why you see the visceral reaction some have towards him, and you appear upset because some JohnSJ Nov 2022 #36
No. "Yer upset!" betsuni Nov 2022 #40
LOL. No. As for things to be concerned about, it doesn't even rate. It just makes for interesting JohnSJ Nov 2022 #42
I had the same thought about the 9/11 hijackers Martin Eden Nov 2022 #46
He misguidedly thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. Joinfortmill Nov 2022 #29
What REALLY turned me off to Bill Maher... Martin Eden Nov 2022 #39
A very good observation +++ JohnSJ Nov 2022 #41
Isn't he right in the tweet? Tomconroy Nov 2022 #48
It is not a valid comparison. It is like saying "what do blacks have to complain about, there is no JohnSJ Nov 2022 #50
I think it's just observing that the country is much fairer Tomconroy Nov 2022 #52
Maher made one of the strongest arguments for voting Democratic I've seen this cycle Sympthsical Nov 2022 #54
He cited Biden's observation about TV ads as support Shermann Nov 2022 #59
He's an ass and a half! Hope22 Nov 2022 #79
Haven't heard that expression for decades. JohnSJ Nov 2022 #83
It was a favorite of my friend's father! Hope22 Nov 2022 #89
and the ending I am familiar with, "if he was dying of thirst in the desert" JohnSJ Nov 2022 #99
I will definitely pass this along!😂 n/t Hope22 Nov 2022 #100
I said it at the time Cosmocat Nov 2022 #43
Mr. Maher needs to take a sabbatical from weed. Ligyron Nov 2022 #14
I noticed he changed during the COVID lockdown mnhtnbb Nov 2022 #18
I wish I had a dollar for ever second Xavier Breath Nov 2022 #73
I had to stop watching the show LittleGirl Nov 2022 #15
Why do you think disagreement with views of fellow Laura PourMeADrink Nov 2022 #85
This might get through NJCher Nov 2022 #16
I have to agree with you Nance. mnhtnbb Nov 2022 #20
The question isn't whether Democrats are against the overturn of Roe... Steven Maurer Nov 2022 #21
"We don't even seem to be having have serious increases in turnout over it." NanceGreggs Nov 2022 #30
Yes, and many people are doing their vote by mail and early voting this past week, and those numbers JohnSJ Nov 2022 #37
How do you know there isn't "increases in turnout" over it? JohnSJ Nov 2022 #31
Great post malaise Nov 2022 #23
Indeed....your great thread... Duppers Nov 2022 #95
LOL malaise Nov 2022 #98
Fuck Bill Maher jcgoldie Nov 2022 #24
Amen, sister. Joinfortmill Nov 2022 #27
The usual suspects. ItsjustMe Nov 2022 #33
Post removed Post removed Nov 2022 #38
THIS X 1Million FalloutShelter Nov 2022 #44
I stopped watching Maher gab13by13 Nov 2022 #45
Pushing GOP disinformation again. GoCubsGo Nov 2022 #49
+1 Emile Nov 2022 #60
Rovey Wade? Never heard of her. d_b Nov 2022 #51
Has it fizzled with independent swing voters as a priority? Perhaps that is more to his point. nt Shermann Nov 2022 #53
He was citing polls that showed a swing in women voters Sympthsical Nov 2022 #55
Maher's love for the Democrats is of the tough variety Shermann Nov 2022 #62
His opening remark on the topic ... NanceGreggs Nov 2022 #74
PollS? I have read about only one such poll that claims to spooky3 Nov 2022 #80
Let's hope he's wrong. We'll know more next Wednesday gulliver Nov 2022 #56
Yes, let's see what DU is feeling next Wednesday. Boomerproud Nov 2022 #58
Another great post Nance, K&R. eom Emile Nov 2022 #57
Bill Maher: 5'8" Goonch Nov 2022 #61
Bill Maher is a misogynist, and that's why I don't watch him any more. milestogo Nov 2022 #63
We will see Tuesday! forthemiddle Nov 2022 #64
I stopped watching Maher a long time ago LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2022 #65
His new rules segment was awesome and so depressing last night. I posted an OP about it. beaglelover Nov 2022 #66
Well said as usual, Nance. (nt) Paladin Nov 2022 #69
I quit paying for HBO 4 years ago. I can honestly say Emile Nov 2022 #70
I'll reserve my criticism for Maher until Tuesday night Polybius Nov 2022 #71
It's not a matter of being right or wrong. NanceGreggs Nov 2022 #88
What, you don't like mansplaining? senseandsensibility Nov 2022 #72
Maher, isn't the same as Fox news, but I have boycotted his shows pretty much for the same reason. msfiddlestix Nov 2022 #76
He calls his show "Politically Incorrect" and thinks that's clever. Mr.Mystery Nov 2022 #77
Right to the heart Nancy!!! Peacetrain Nov 2022 #78
So you're sure we're gonna win all those votes? USALiberal Nov 2022 #81
Not the point. NanceGreggs Nov 2022 #86
There was a good thread on Tues...we all can't stand him BigmanPigman Nov 2022 #82
It's true. Not enough people care. All you have to do Laura PourMeADrink Nov 2022 #84
Bill Maher has become another RW Tucker-Carlson-Wanna-Be Blowhard. amb123 Nov 2022 #87
I can't stand that smarmy SOB. Haven't watched Real Time in years argyl Nov 2022 #90
Thank you. I'm glad you took the time to put his tired politics in sharp relief with reality. ancianita Nov 2022 #92
I sometimes wonder ... NanceGreggs Nov 2022 #93
I've wondered the same things. ancianita Nov 2022 #96
Kick & highly recommended. William769 Nov 2022 #94
I was accused of using a right-wing talking point yesterday for giving my opinion. betsuni Nov 2022 #97
Looks like Maher's right-wing talking points were wrong Nance! Emile Nov 2022 #102
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