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4. Chuck is so lazy and thoughtless.
Sun Nov 6, 2022, 12:11 PM
Nov 2022

Not a scintilla of imagination in his “Mitchell/Todd” style. Phone it in again, Chuck. 🥱

That was epic. Meadowoak Nov 2022 #1
Excellent! WA-03 Democrat Nov 2022 #2
You're welcome!!! spanone Nov 2022 #5
I no longer have respect for Chuck Todd... ProudMNDemocrat Nov 2022 #3
I never had much respect for Chuck Todd. calimary Nov 2022 #10
Welcome finally to a not so exclusive club!! InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2022 #27
I think his intelligence is sub par. Mickju Nov 2022 #39
Chuck is so lazy and thoughtless. vanlassie Nov 2022 #4
exactly. just a little parrot for GOP talking points. no further thought given. TomDaisy Nov 2022 #36
"Phone it in".. and Fuck It UP Cha Nov 2022 #45
Chuck is a corporate TOAD. sheshe2 Nov 2022 #6
Maybe "never" liked or trusted? LakeArenal Nov 2022 #18
Oops. Thanks! sheshe2 Nov 2022 #29
I understood. But I know you want no hint of liking Toad. LakeArenal Nov 2022 #32
True. sheshe2 Nov 2022 #53
Spine shiver. LakeArenal Nov 2022 #55
We kinda are "Perfect" compared to Cha Nov 2022 #46
Sing is Sista! sheshe2 Nov 2022 #54
Mahalo, she! 💖🤷‍♂️ Cha Nov 2022 #56
Maloney did exceedingly well in his responses to Todd's ridiculous questions msfiddlestix Nov 2022 #7
Not gushing over the guy, but Todd teed this one up nicely Zambero Nov 2022 #11
I agree. Perfectly scripted Q & A msfiddlestix Nov 2022 #17
+1. 'flattened' isn't really indicative stopdiggin Nov 2022 #20
✔️ msfiddlestix Nov 2022 #62
So glad to see SPM shut down mcar Nov 2022 #8
He did the same to Jake Tapper on cnn 3 days ago spanone Nov 2022 #14
Chuck Todd's question to Rep. Maloney boiled down to this: Botany Nov 2022 #9
Thank God SOMEBODY pushes back on that smug putz. calimary Nov 2022 #13
Is the Toads a$$ water tight? n/t aggiesal Nov 2022 #12
I'm sure his GOP pals keep it well-protected. calimary Nov 2022 #15
Chuck is a sapo y es un sonzo! Glad Maloney highlighted Pres. Biden's RestoreAmerica2020 Nov 2022 #16
"Responsible adults" is good Hekate Nov 2022 #19
Chucky Toad... GB_RN Nov 2022 #21
Why does Toad have a job on MSNBC? MontanaMama Nov 2022 #22
Fuck you where you breathe, Chuck Todd. Paladin Nov 2022 #23
👏👏👏 Traildogbob Nov 2022 #25
I despise both Todd and Mitchell. Paladin Nov 2022 #31
That was heartening to listen to peggysue2 Nov 2022 #24
Nicely said but he hardly flattens the toad Fullduplexxx Nov 2022 #26
No, he squashed the life out of Todd and left him looking like a penny diehardblue Nov 2022 #48
Chuck needs to be Conjuay Nov 2022 #28
I like it republianmushroom Nov 2022 #30
OMG he spanked Chuck Todd on live TV 😂 Emile Nov 2022 #33
Damn. WiVoter Nov 2022 #34
LOL Emile Nov 2022 #35
Not to defend Todd - But he put Scott in the headlights packman Nov 2022 #37
Right on! MLAA Nov 2022 #38
I really like Maloney PatSeg Nov 2022 #40
UpChuck sarcasmo Nov 2022 #41
SPM for president 20028! CCExile Nov 2022 #42
Recommended. H2O Man Nov 2022 #43
K&R Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Nov 2022 #44
Chuck Turd. Dark n Stormy Knight Nov 2022 #47
What Sean Patrick Maloney said. Every time! Be Better... czarjak Nov 2022 #49
Great answer by Maloney to a talking point that gets repeated over and over GoodRaisin Nov 2022 #50
I'll take him on his worst day over cilla4progress Nov 2022 #51
Maloney is way nicer than I would have been. flying_wahini Nov 2022 #52
Todd is consistently awful dlk Nov 2022 #57
I do love Sean Patrick. soldierant Nov 2022 #58
MALONEY DIDN'T FLATTEN TODD. HE ANSWERED HIS QUESTIONS. Questions Todd had every right to ask. ificandream Nov 2022 #59
This message was self-deleted by its author spanone Nov 2022 #60
Agree! betsuni Nov 2022 #61
I worked in journalism and was trained in it as well lees1975 Nov 2022 #63
Definitely agree with your first point. ificandream Nov 2022 #64
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