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Check in if you have voted [View all] ColinC Nov 2022 OP
K&R Emile Nov 2022 #1
Not only have I voted, but I've heard from Ballot Trax that my ballot's been picked up & counted! CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2022 #2
Every member of my family has voted now LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2022 #3
Straight Dem. ticket here in AZ. MarineCombatEngineer Nov 2022 #4
Straight Dem ticket Wicked Blue Nov 2022 #5
Straight dem mail in in Florida Deuxcents Nov 2022 #6
Voted absentee and know that my county has received it Genki Hikari Nov 2022 #7
VOTED! Aristus Nov 2022 #8
Early Voted last Sunday morning in NYC. Golden Raisin Nov 2022 #9
WI newdayneeded Nov 2022 #10
Not yet, I like to see how busy they've been on election day Amishman Nov 2022 #11
Nope Polybius Nov 2022 #12
Blue! Blue! Blue! Lunabell Nov 2022 #13
Both of us voted nt XanaDUer2 Nov 2022 #14
I have voted but waiting to see I_UndergroundPanther Nov 2022 #15
My wife, son (who is a first-time voter @ 18), and I have our ballots turned in. Just A Box Of Rain Nov 2022 #16
PA voter - mailed mine in a couple weeks ago FakeNoose Nov 2022 #17
I can safely say Conjuay Nov 2022 #19
Straight D in Maryland Deep State Witch Nov 2022 #18
Straight democratic ticket, including NP candidates with political affiliation. ffr Nov 2022 #20
I'll be a poll worker at my local polling place, so I'll just vote on Election Day. 11 Bravo Nov 2022 #21
Just got the text that my ballot I mailed 2 days ago has been received and counted. beaglelover Nov 2022 #22
Voted Here In Wisco WiVoter Nov 2022 #23
Voted yesterday. karynnj Nov 2022 #24
Voted SickOfTheOnePct Nov 2022 #25
Voted on Tuesday. Raftergirl Nov 2022 #26
8 people haven't voted. Please vote!! ColinC Nov 2022 #27
Voted (no-excuse absentee) BumRushDaShow Nov 2022 #28
Not yet. LisaL Nov 2022 #29
Voted early in person - straight Democratic as usual. yardwork Nov 2022 #30
About a week ago. By mail. lpbk2713 Nov 2022 #31
three weeks ago.. msfiddlestix Nov 2022 #32
Voting tuesday in Kansas sky_masterson Nov 2022 #33
2 vote household here, both straight Dem ticket, of course. nt Roisin Ni Fiachra Nov 2022 #34
This is DU---everyone here votes every time, I'm pretty sure. panader0 Nov 2022 #35
Wow, 95% of DU votes early Polybius Nov 2022 #36
Kicking for visibility on EDay :) ColinC Nov 2022 #37
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