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59. MALONEY DIDN'T FLATTEN TODD. HE ANSWERED HIS QUESTIONS. Questions Todd had every right to ask.
Mon Nov 7, 2022, 01:04 AM
Nov 2022

This isn't Fox Noise, folks. MSNBC is a real legitimate news organization. It's Todd's job to interview and ask questions and therefore get information. He may ask questions about topics you and I don't want to know about. This isn't scripted news (aka Fox Noise). But Maloney answered those questions calmly and directly. Both men did their jobs in this interview.

It irks me to see people go after people like Todd because they don't say everything people want them to say. It's not the news media's job -- the REAL news media -- to ask questions they already know the answers to (aka Fox Noise). And as a responsible news organization, they have to get all angles as well. That's the difference between MSNBC and Fox Noise. Fox is there to play to their base and do powderpuff interviews. That's not what a real news organization does. Yes, it can get to you. But if it's one thing Fox has done it's given the impression that the media is there to pet you and be your friend all the time. That's not how a real news organization works. Freedom of the press means just that and not the bullshit trash that passes for n*** on Fox. (I won't use that word anywhere near Fox because they just aren't.)

And if you're wondering, I worked in journalism for over three decades. REAL journalism.

That was epic. Meadowoak Nov 2022 #1
Excellent! WA-03 Democrat Nov 2022 #2
You're welcome!!! spanone Nov 2022 #5
I no longer have respect for Chuck Todd... ProudMNDemocrat Nov 2022 #3
I never had much respect for Chuck Todd. calimary Nov 2022 #10
Welcome finally to a not so exclusive club!! InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2022 #27
I think his intelligence is sub par. Mickju Nov 2022 #39
Chuck is so lazy and thoughtless. vanlassie Nov 2022 #4
exactly. just a little parrot for GOP talking points. no further thought given. TomDaisy Nov 2022 #36
"Phone it in".. and Fuck It UP Cha Nov 2022 #45
Chuck is a corporate TOAD. sheshe2 Nov 2022 #6
Maybe "never" liked or trusted? LakeArenal Nov 2022 #18
Oops. Thanks! sheshe2 Nov 2022 #29
I understood. But I know you want no hint of liking Toad. LakeArenal Nov 2022 #32
True. sheshe2 Nov 2022 #53
Spine shiver. LakeArenal Nov 2022 #55
We kinda are "Perfect" compared to Cha Nov 2022 #46
Sing is Sista! sheshe2 Nov 2022 #54
Mahalo, she! 💖🤷‍♂️ Cha Nov 2022 #56
Maloney did exceedingly well in his responses to Todd's ridiculous questions msfiddlestix Nov 2022 #7
Not gushing over the guy, but Todd teed this one up nicely Zambero Nov 2022 #11
I agree. Perfectly scripted Q & A msfiddlestix Nov 2022 #17
+1. 'flattened' isn't really indicative stopdiggin Nov 2022 #20
✔️ msfiddlestix Nov 2022 #62
So glad to see SPM shut down mcar Nov 2022 #8
He did the same to Jake Tapper on cnn 3 days ago spanone Nov 2022 #14
Chuck Todd's question to Rep. Maloney boiled down to this: Botany Nov 2022 #9
Thank God SOMEBODY pushes back on that smug putz. calimary Nov 2022 #13
Is the Toads a$$ water tight? n/t aggiesal Nov 2022 #12
I'm sure his GOP pals keep it well-protected. calimary Nov 2022 #15
Chuck is a sapo y es un sonzo! Glad Maloney highlighted Pres. Biden's RestoreAmerica2020 Nov 2022 #16
"Responsible adults" is good Hekate Nov 2022 #19
Chucky Toad... GB_RN Nov 2022 #21
Why does Toad have a job on MSNBC? MontanaMama Nov 2022 #22
Fuck you where you breathe, Chuck Todd. Paladin Nov 2022 #23
👏👏👏 Traildogbob Nov 2022 #25
I despise both Todd and Mitchell. Paladin Nov 2022 #31
That was heartening to listen to peggysue2 Nov 2022 #24
Nicely said but he hardly flattens the toad Fullduplexxx Nov 2022 #26
No, he squashed the life out of Todd and left him looking like a penny diehardblue Nov 2022 #48
Chuck needs to be Conjuay Nov 2022 #28
I like it republianmushroom Nov 2022 #30
OMG he spanked Chuck Todd on live TV 😂 Emile Nov 2022 #33
Damn. WiVoter Nov 2022 #34
LOL Emile Nov 2022 #35
Not to defend Todd - But he put Scott in the headlights packman Nov 2022 #37
Right on! MLAA Nov 2022 #38
I really like Maloney PatSeg Nov 2022 #40
UpChuck sarcasmo Nov 2022 #41
SPM for president 20028! CCExile Nov 2022 #42
Recommended. H2O Man Nov 2022 #43
K&R Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Nov 2022 #44
Chuck Turd. Dark n Stormy Knight Nov 2022 #47
What Sean Patrick Maloney said. Every time! Be Better... czarjak Nov 2022 #49
Great answer by Maloney to a talking point that gets repeated over and over GoodRaisin Nov 2022 #50
I'll take him on his worst day over cilla4progress Nov 2022 #51
Maloney is way nicer than I would have been. flying_wahini Nov 2022 #52
Todd is consistently awful dlk Nov 2022 #57
I do love Sean Patrick. soldierant Nov 2022 #58
MALONEY DIDN'T FLATTEN TODD. HE ANSWERED HIS QUESTIONS. Questions Todd had every right to ask. ificandream Nov 2022 #59
This message was self-deleted by its author spanone Nov 2022 #60
Agree! betsuni Nov 2022 #61
I worked in journalism and was trained in it as well lees1975 Nov 2022 #63
Definitely agree with your first point. ificandream Nov 2022 #64
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