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Tue Nov 8, 2022, 07:49 AM Nov 2022

The Rude Pundit: Vote Because Fuck Them [View all]

Amen, brother!


The Rude Pundit
Proudly lowering the level of political discourse
Vote Because Fuck Them

Goddamn, I can't fucking take them anymore, any of them, any of the assorted MAGA racist freaks and moral lepers and violent morons, any of the QAnon fucknuts who are so goddamn deranged that there should be a Bedlam opened just to store them in and keep them out of the sight of decent human beings, any of the shitposting mob masturbating to bleeding over their oh-so-edgy memes, any of the gun-fellating, immigrant-hating bible-humpers, any of the cadre of corrupt cunts and cocksuckers who claim that the 2020 election was corrupt, any of the shit-smeared liars and rube exploiters who make bank and gain power because that's better than telling the motherfucking truth, any of the scurrilous lickspittles groveling on the ground, prostrating themselves before the slothful, gluttonous, greedy, lustful, pride-engorged, envious, and wrath-driven Donald fucking Trump, as loathsome a corpulent creature to ever undulate out of the depths of crude criminality to demand obeisance and tribute from the vile and deranged and scabby and dumb crowds who would rather blow up the country than even entertain the possibility that they have been, are being, and will be conned and manipulated and mentally raped by savage purveyors of faith, of falsehoods, of fantasies, from Fox to Falwell. I cannot fucking take them anymore.

So I'm gonna go vote on Election Day because fuck them all. Fuck them in front and then turn them over and fuck them in the back. Vote because if enough of us do, we will force them to show their asses sooner than they wanted to. We know, we fucking well know, that they are begging for an excuse for violence. They are begging for a chance to assert the power they believe they have, that they have accumulated because of the mental illness of their ideology, helped by the fucked up timing of Trumpian rhetoric and pandemic-induced paranoia. They want to show how they can overturn our votes, how they can just toss them out, how they can change them to their favor. They've teed it up: only they can win and it be legitimate, and they are mostly so rankly stupid that they don't see there is no logic in that idea. They don't fucking care. So vote because they are voting. Vote because they wanna kill us. Vote because they wanna dominate us. Vote because we can win this. Vote because our winning will drive the final nail into their empty heads, breaking their tiny brains and forcing their worst plans into the light. Then we can have that fight and not wait to see how fucking bad it gets in 2024.

And we may very well fucking lose. But they want that despair to engulf us. They wanna convince us we already lost and keep us from voting. I don't give a fuck right now about that. Fuck them. Fuck them hard and fuck them rough. If we're gonna lose, I gonna go down swinging.

I want us to go down swinging for Stacey Abrams and Raphael Warnock and John Fetterman and Josh Shapiro and Val Demings and Charlie Crist and Gretchen Whitmer and Tim Ryan and so fucking many others. I want us to go down swinging for what we know is right. I want us to go down swinging because we love the country that we can be, not the country we used to be. I want us to go down swinging so that if we lose we can say that we made it fucking hurt.

But I don't wanna fucking lose. If you already voted, fuck yeah. You go, you millions of beautiful believers in reality. And if you haven't, if you're like me, with an Election Day voting fetish, then line up and, especially in places where they wanna try to stop you from voting, stand there and look tough and smug and vote like your fucking life depends on it. Like all our lives depend on it. Like you wanna finally turn, at last, and tell every single one of those disgusting motherfuckers up top there to, truly, shut the fuck up already.

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Ain't nothing wrong... Postal Grunt Nov 2022 #20
We voted the day we got our ballots. calimary Nov 2022 #35
Love this dude! He's so RUDE! Joinfortmill Nov 2022 #3
Voted in NJ this morning VWolf Nov 2022 #4
The man is one rude mother fucker and I love it. A modern day shakespeare Botany Nov 2022 #5
RP is charged up. NoMoreRepugs Nov 2022 #6
K & R mountain grammy Nov 2022 #7
Kick dalton99a Nov 2022 #8
He speaks for all of us. n/t birdographer Nov 2022 #9
Spot on, RP. niyad Nov 2022 #10
Right on RP, right on! nightwing1240 Nov 2022 #11
KICK orangecrush Nov 2022 #12
YEAH!!! K&R DLCWIdem Nov 2022 #13
The most epic run-on sentence of all time right there Hugh_Lebowski Nov 2022 #14
Right! It was epic! Historic! nt LittleGirl Nov 2022 #21
x a million! Thanks RP Evolve Dammit Nov 2022 #15
That has truly tapped into the feeling a lot of us have FoxNewsSucks Nov 2022 #16
I like it republianmushroom Nov 2022 #22
Speaks eloquently leighbythesea2 Nov 2022 #23
music to my ears The Wizard Nov 2022 #24
brilliant! bluboid Nov 2022 #25
A profanely righteous rant... LudwigPastorius Nov 2022 #26
"We love the country that we can be, not the country we used to be." Mr.Mystery Nov 2022 #27
that first paragraph...man...pure, profane poetry... bahboo Nov 2022 #28
The Rude Pundit just gave me shivers! My sentiments exactly. They WANT us to feel despair and LaMouffette Nov 2022 #29
Amen. nt paparush Nov 2022 #30
The man is a national treasure. Haggis 4 Breakfast Nov 2022 #31
every Monday in the first hour yellowdogintexas Nov 2022 #36
Retweeted YoshidaYui Nov 2022 #32
"Election Day voting fetish," lolol! ShazzieB Nov 2022 #33
The Rude One speaks for me. love_katz Nov 2022 #34
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