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Well his "inner circle" cilla4progress Nov 2022 #1
Sucks to be him. Ocelot II Nov 2022 #2
That pic Johnny2X2X Nov 2022 #4
He seems to be having a bowel movement in the child's ball cage. magicarpet Nov 2022 #9
That is so funny. debm55 Nov 2022 #33
Looks like he's deflating, like some of those little plastic balls. calimary Nov 2022 #10
ooooohhhh lil baby hair furhair has a sad... Justice matters. Nov 2022 #8
Is TDFG going to ask Elon Musk for $44 Billion for his next bid for the WH? ProudMNDemocrat Nov 2022 #3
Irresponsible & chaotic, but still walking free with state secrets. CrispyQ Nov 2022 #5
WTF. I don't feel at all weak today stopdiggin Nov 2022 #7
An arrest this week could change all that. CrispyQ Nov 2022 #14
100% correct. Boomerproud Nov 2022 #11
i agree. barbtries Nov 2022 #16
I figure he's going to try to create a cable news network ThoughtCriminal Nov 2022 #6
tRump said he was interested in CNN debm55 Nov 2022 #34
Rock bottom... multigraincracker Nov 2022 #12
I really hope it's not rock bottom ... I want that to involve a bailiff and the word 'remand' (nt) Hugh_Lebowski Nov 2022 #13
Would that he'd do us all a favor and take a long walk off a short bridge. TigressDem Nov 2022 #15
Mr. Reality Star Corgigal Nov 2022 #17
I agree. chriscan64 Nov 2022 #22
He is still collecting money from his supporters. keithbvadu2 Nov 2022 #18
Just keep self-destructing, MF! Bayard Nov 2022 #19
Love to hear it D_Master81 Nov 2022 #20
I'm thinking beyond revenge fantasies GenThePerservering Nov 2022 #21
His blood pressure is probably dangerously high. SunSeeker Nov 2022 #23
Stroke out already, you F'n, murdering, orange TRAITOR**. niyad Nov 2022 #24
Expose all his crimes and send him to prison. Duppers Nov 2022 #25
Mostly not, for white-collars. Higherarky Nov 2022 #32
Self destruct then, but be sure to take the GQP down with him. paleotn Nov 2022 #26
He was irresponsible and chaotic in office too, and always had the wiggs Nov 2022 #27
Thinking of "Downfall" " -- Hitler in the bunker. But it's Trump. Auggie Nov 2022 #28
Sounds like business as usual to me. Demobrat Nov 2022 #29
I just hope... 2naSalit Nov 2022 #30
It's tough for me to believe anyone can be more irresponsible than Torchlight Nov 2022 #31
Is it too much to ask that he make a third-party bid in 2024? Aristus Nov 2022 #35
I call bull puckey... Trump is the same complete a$$hat I bumped JCMach1 Nov 2022 #36
TLG couldn't build the wall, but he built a Tower to his own Ego Martin Eden Nov 2022 #37
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