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Martin Eden

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37. TLG couldn't build the wall, but he built a Tower to his own Ego
Mon Nov 14, 2022, 07:33 AM
Nov 2022

That metaphorical tower is crumbling at its foundations, and its lone resident is beginning to realize it is in the process of crashing down.

Cheeto Jesus will not dwell quietly in the broken rubble of his giant yet fragile ego. He will rage, rage against the dying of the megalomaniacal image he constructed of himself.

In his malignancy and hatred he will lash out in nihilistic vengeance and take down with him, to the extent that he can, everyone and everything he blames for his own flaws and failures -- which he can never blame on himself.

But he largely will fail in his efforts at destruction, because the tower he built was being held up by the one thing he is rapidly losing -- real power.

He may for a while instigate a war within the Republican Party using the leverage of his brainwashed voting base, but the politicians who formerly kissed his orange ass will drop him like a rotting potato when fealty to The LOSER Guy no longer serves their interests.

Because that fealty was always transactional, by political creatures whose only principle is their own quest for power.

Well his "inner circle" cilla4progress Nov 2022 #1
Sucks to be him. Ocelot II Nov 2022 #2
That pic Johnny2X2X Nov 2022 #4
He seems to be having a bowel movement in the child's ball cage. magicarpet Nov 2022 #9
That is so funny. debm55 Nov 2022 #33
Looks like he's deflating, like some of those little plastic balls. calimary Nov 2022 #10
ooooohhhh lil baby hair furhair has a sad... Justice matters. Nov 2022 #8
Is TDFG going to ask Elon Musk for $44 Billion for his next bid for the WH? ProudMNDemocrat Nov 2022 #3
Irresponsible & chaotic, but still walking free with state secrets. CrispyQ Nov 2022 #5
WTF. I don't feel at all weak today stopdiggin Nov 2022 #7
An arrest this week could change all that. CrispyQ Nov 2022 #14
100% correct. Boomerproud Nov 2022 #11
i agree. barbtries Nov 2022 #16
I figure he's going to try to create a cable news network ThoughtCriminal Nov 2022 #6
tRump said he was interested in CNN debm55 Nov 2022 #34
Rock bottom... multigraincracker Nov 2022 #12
I really hope it's not rock bottom ... I want that to involve a bailiff and the word 'remand' (nt) Hugh_Lebowski Nov 2022 #13
Would that he'd do us all a favor and take a long walk off a short bridge. TigressDem Nov 2022 #15
Mr. Reality Star Corgigal Nov 2022 #17
I agree. chriscan64 Nov 2022 #22
He is still collecting money from his supporters. keithbvadu2 Nov 2022 #18
Just keep self-destructing, MF! Bayard Nov 2022 #19
Love to hear it D_Master81 Nov 2022 #20
I'm thinking beyond revenge fantasies GenThePerservering Nov 2022 #21
His blood pressure is probably dangerously high. SunSeeker Nov 2022 #23
Stroke out already, you F'n, murdering, orange TRAITOR**. niyad Nov 2022 #24
Expose all his crimes and send him to prison. Duppers Nov 2022 #25
Mostly not, for white-collars. Higherarky Nov 2022 #32
Self destruct then, but be sure to take the GQP down with him. paleotn Nov 2022 #26
He was irresponsible and chaotic in office too, and always had the wiggs Nov 2022 #27
Thinking of "Downfall" " -- Hitler in the bunker. But it's Trump. Auggie Nov 2022 #28
Sounds like business as usual to me. Demobrat Nov 2022 #29
I just hope... 2naSalit Nov 2022 #30
It's tough for me to believe anyone can be more irresponsible than Torchlight Nov 2022 #31
Is it too much to ask that he make a third-party bid in 2024? Aristus Nov 2022 #35
I call bull puckey... Trump is the same complete a$$hat I bumped JCMach1 Nov 2022 #36
TLG couldn't build the wall, but he built a Tower to his own Ego Martin Eden Nov 2022 #37
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