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"Trump also served as the 45th President" LOL! speak easy Nov 2022 #1
And with a bit of luck, he'll serve time for that! rsdsharp Nov 2022 #15
Now THAT'S how you do it, media! tanyev Nov 2022 #2
BURN OUT.. Murdock's paper! Cha Nov 2022 #3
Florida Man deplored "the blood-soaked streets of our once-great cities. ... Hortensis Nov 2022 #4
Lol at "his resort and classified documents library." emulatorloo Nov 2022 #5
He's not a retiree, he was FIRED FoxNewsSucks Nov 2022 #6
Hey, don't get in the way of a meme that works. Florida Man is often a golf cart riding retiree. Hekate Nov 2022 #26
LOL LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2022 #7
❤️ ✿❧🌿❧✿ ❤️ Lucinda Nov 2022 #8
that is Onion worthy.... bahboo Nov 2022 #9
K&R Auggie Nov 2022 #10
K & R...nt Wounded Bear Nov 2022 #11
Snicker. niyad Nov 2022 #12
Rupert Murdoch warned Trump not to run. yardwork Nov 2022 #13
Fox News TRIED to put him away in 2016 underpants Nov 2022 #14
Which is ironic as Murdoch was one of the doctors that helped give birth to Trump and cstanleytech Nov 2022 #21
Going different yankee87 Nov 2022 #16
While I was wrong LAST time, I really don't think he gets it this time. oldsoftie Nov 2022 #19
Lol! That reminds me of old newspaper articles I've seen at Newspapers.com! chowder66 Nov 2022 #17
That is hilarious Deminpenn Nov 2022 #18
I put ketchup on a steak once when I was 7. My father yelled at me for an hour. Ray Bruns Nov 2022 #20
Ouch! Somebody's on Rupert's shit list. catbyte Nov 2022 #22
Grifting the gullible: $94+ million. Being dumped by the tabloids: PRICELESS. Hekate Nov 2022 #23
If they didn't have DeSantis in the stable..... jaxexpat Nov 2022 #24
He's been marginalized to being the very first Torchlight Nov 2022 #25
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