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10. Come on, dude, let it go.
Sat Dec 3, 2022, 01:45 PM
Dec 2022

it's more than two years now. Get over it. You lost. The country rejected you. Get on with you life.

What are you doing, after declaring you were running again for '24 dontcha think this retro request is kinda sketchy?

Buck up, man, I'm sure you'll do a great job on the '24 campaign trail...with your big rallies and all (don't pay attention to the diminished crowds though). It means nothing. You'll see. You'll be fine.

You and Putin can commemorate together when it's all over on loser's row. It'll be nice. Hey, Kari Lake may even join you two swell guys. You'll hoist a drink together...it'll be better than hoisting each other on your own petards.

Best regards.

Ok. He convinced me. Kablooie Dec 2022 #1
All righty, then. We'll get right on that. Ocelot II Dec 2022 #2
Are we throwing out amendments too? chriscan64 Dec 2022 #3
!!!BINGO!!! Lefta Dissenter Dec 2022 #4
Companies colluding with political figures is grounds for terminating an election? Trenzalore Dec 2022 #5
At least we're getting to the bottom of it. dchill Dec 2022 #6
I can only guess... Septua Dec 2022 #7
the pillow guy onethatcares Dec 2022 #22
Why are you enlisting DU as trump's twitter replacement? PSPS Dec 2022 #8
Exactly what his MAGAts want to hear. Kingofalldems Dec 2022 #9
Come on, dude, let it go. brush Dec 2022 #10
Does this concern Elon's big Hunter Laptop exposure? TlalocW Dec 2022 #11
Our favorite Orange raving lunatic musclecar6 Dec 2022 #12
That was Trump's plan on 1/6 and Trump is still angry the plan failed. sarcasmo Dec 2022 #13
Indictments coming malaise Dec 2022 #14
I've considered that as a plausible thought... Septua Dec 2022 #31
He'll fail again malaise Dec 2022 #33
I've considered that as a plausible thought... Septua Dec 2022 #32
This message was self-deleted by its author malaise Dec 2022 #15
Great idea Donnie but before you're anointed president for life agingdem Dec 2022 #16
MAGA's must be even Dumber than I thought. flying_wahini Dec 2022 #17
He's really going off the deep end now Blue Owl Dec 2022 #18
Like he knows anything about our "Founders" PatSeg Dec 2022 #19
Mother Nature if you're listening... purr-rat beauty Dec 2022 #20
THAT is my favorite! MyOwnPeace Dec 2022 #23
My bet is on Dec 13-19 for first indictment Tetrachloride Dec 2022 #21
What a WONDERFUL.... MyOwnPeace Dec 2022 #24
What year? Mr.Bill Dec 2022 #27
I'm going with next week for Georgia malaise Dec 2022 #29
There is an upside to his clear renunciation of representative government. David__77 Dec 2022 #25
He is totally panicked thecrow Dec 2022 #26
Has a single ReTHUG condemned this? malaise Dec 2022 #28
SUSPEND your Stupid self, ASSHOLE Cha Dec 2022 #30
Every time Trump posts something idiotic like this... WarGamer Dec 2022 #34
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