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21. Musk wants to prosecute Dr. Fauci. WTF?
Mon Dec 12, 2022, 02:35 AM
Dec 2022

Once considered a visonary genius by some (others who know his history of just buying into companies and taking credit for their accomplishments know better), has proven himself to be nothing but a homophobic, facist, nut job, magat POS who has ruined twitter.

And Dr. Fauci is the health official who steadfastly stood publicy against trump sycophants who continually kissed the orange turds ass and back his anti-mask stance during the pandemic, and who also didn't push back against trump racist intent in calling it the China virus.

Musk is a troll who owns his own platform, but he's still a troll. Ocelot II Dec 2022 #1
Can someone summarize the Fauci/gain-of-function conspiracy theory? OneGrassRoot Dec 2022 #2
That Fauci while he worked in the Obama administration secured funding for the virology lab in Wuhan TexasTowelie Dec 2022 #6
We should amplify Musk's Covid blame of China blm Dec 2022 #11
+++ emulatorloo Dec 2022 #13
Here's a basic explanation (much more detail at the link): allegorical oracle Dec 2022 #26
Fixed link IbogaProject Dec 2022 #28
This message was self-deleted by its author TexasTowelie Dec 2022 #3
"I" is a pronoun and I didn't ask, so Musk is forcing his pronoun on me. Solly Mack Dec 2022 #4
His bro's are out in full force too. ismnotwasm Dec 2022 #5
Honestly at this point I'm kind of asking myself what his endgame could be. Arthur_Frain Dec 2022 #7
oh yeah Dorian Gray Dec 2022 #23
Oh no! Not implicit ostracization! gratuitous Dec 2022 #8
Wow, Musk is really getting embarrassing RussBLib Dec 2022 #9
GD musk is a deadly Poisonous POS. Cha Dec 2022 #10
I dunno why he didn't just buy Truth Social. Would have been cheaper than buying Twitter emulatorloo Dec 2022 #14
I think musk bought twitter Cha Dec 2022 #18
☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ PortTack Dec 2022 #20
I just deactivated my account that I had built up to 1000s of followers BlueWaveNeverEnd Dec 2022 #12
Wow.. that's a lot! Cha Dec 2022 #19
Good article on this particular Musk bullshit just out in The Atlantic. DU thread here: emulatorloo Dec 2022 #15
The POS moniss Dec 2022 #16
There's a reason I blocked Eloon on Twitter. ❤️ littlemissmartypants Dec 2022 #17
Musk wants to prosecute Dr. Fauci. WTF? brush Dec 2022 #21
Decent people should boycott this evil asshole. dalton99a Dec 2022 #22
Why do people stay on Twitter? blueinredohio Dec 2022 #24
Musk echoes Rand Paul's libertarian "gain-of-function" meme, which Fauci has denied. n/t allegorical oracle Dec 2022 #25
Wealth/Tax IbogaProject Dec 2022 #27
So if everyone started referring to this scumbag as "She" Genki Hikari Dec 2022 #29
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