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19. The history of the country shows that that sentiment...
Mon Dec 12, 2022, 03:07 PM
Dec 2022

has exhibited itself, and still does, among the minority anti-semites and white racists, so what you're suggesting has not happened and won't happen unless the aforementioned minority somehow become the majority.

That won't happen because more Americans have a sense of justice than are there white racists and anti-semites, or whatever other anti-othered group you can plug into that theory.

The House of Representatives is where you find politicians representing the people. jimfields33 Dec 2022 #1
Not perfect at all with the filibuster rule in the Senate. brush Dec 2022 #7
And more populous states are Bettie Dec 2022 #27
But not proportionally dpibel Dec 2022 #31
Good point - it may have meant something treestar Dec 2022 #34
The Senate was originally set up to represent the states interests DetroitLegalBeagle Dec 2022 #46
I ask again dpibel Dec 2022 #56
The same way Country's are represented in international organizations like the UN Zeitghost Dec 2022 #59
But states are not countries dpibel Dec 2022 #60
Sorry Zeitghost Dec 2022 #71
The senate is undemocratic. Mosby Dec 2022 #74
it would be closer to "perfect" if they lifted the cap on the number of house members. Orangepeel Dec 2022 #52
So you support a massively undemocratic institution? Voltaire2 Dec 2022 #80
Each state is treated equal in the senate whether you have one person or a billion. jimfields33 Dec 2022 #90
but WY has 1.27 million cattle (basically 2 cows/person) hlthe2b Dec 2022 #2
moo Cyrano Dec 2022 #17
It's, Specifically, Designed That Way To Avoid A "Tyranny of the Majority". ruet Dec 2022 #3
Tyranny of the majority? What kind of disinformation phrase is that? brush Dec 2022 #9
If a majority said blacks and Jews should be gassed, that would... Lucky Luciano Dec 2022 #13
The history of the country shows that that sentiment... brush Dec 2022 #19
But that doesn't HAVE to be the case just because it might be at the moment. In our own ... Whiskeytide Dec 2022 #37
That's what the bill of rights treestar Dec 2022 #36
Mob rule is dangerous and does need to be checked. Lucky Luciano Dec 2022 #38
I take it you have not studied the philosophy of liberalism and the founding principles of Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #14
It's historic term all right, but it's misinformation bullshit. brush Dec 2022 #22
You are deeply misguided on this point. Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #23
Cite an example in American history. No bs imagined scenarios... brush Dec 2022 #24
You should do your own homework, however I'd suggest reading Federalist 10 (and if you Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #28
Is it an example of actual tyranny of the majority in Congress? brush Dec 2022 #30
I should know better Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #32
Is it? brush Dec 2022 #33
You tried dumbcat Dec 2022 #48
And probably won't Genki Hikari Dec 2022 #95
Ok. I'll jump in. For almost 100 years a ... Whiskeytide Dec 2022 #49
And in no case did the Senate protect the minority dpibel Dec 2022 #57
Yeah... Ummmm... No. ruet Dec 2022 #16
See post 23. brush Dec 2022 #25
agreed, this is how the constitution functions treestar Dec 2022 #35
The Supreme Court found slavery to be perfectly constitutional, and that ... Whiskeytide Dec 2022 #50
Nothing is perfect treestar Dec 2022 #51
But we don't actually have "minority ... Whiskeytide Dec 2022 #55
When did a majority elect Trump? dpibel Dec 2022 #58
Yes. You're right. I used a bad example. Perhaps a better one ... Whiskeytide Dec 2022 #65
Interesting question! dpibel Dec 2022 #67
A majority of voters didn't vote for that...thing Genki Hikari Dec 2022 #94
The United States is not a democracy, it is a Constitutional Democratic Republic. Dysfunctional Dec 2022 #72
Newsflash: A republic is a representative DEMOCRACY. brush Dec 2022 #73
It was explicitly designed that way to appease slave states... hunter Dec 2022 #18
Our bicameral system was not there to appease slave states. Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2022 #29
Oh, please. Our Senate was modeled after the House of Lords... hunter Dec 2022 #62
Are you aware sarisataka Dec 2022 #63
Virginia had the largest population of the 13 colonies. hunter Dec 2022 #66
Right, so having a house of Congress based on state representation hurt the slave states. Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2022 #77
Ironically those "Lords" and sarisataka Dec 2022 #85
I was thinking people like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. hunter Dec 2022 #91
That's an interesting theory. It has no basis in the actual deliberation of the country founding, Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2022 #69
All democracies are a "hot mess." hunter Dec 2022 #70
The Senate was that way to put a balance between state and national governments. Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2022 #76
You seem to think I respect the "founding fathers." I don't. hunter Dec 2022 #78
well no it was specifically designed to ensure that the slave states would Voltaire2 Dec 2022 #81
That makes precisely zero sense. Imperialism Inc. Dec 2022 #87
The Senate should go the way of the House of Lords in the UK CloudWatcher Dec 2022 #4
That is fairly obvious Johonny Dec 2022 #82
YES!!! And sooner than later!!! calimary Dec 2022 #5
And there's not a damn thing that can ever be done about it Polybius Dec 2022 #6
California is one state and has 2 senators sarisataka Dec 2022 #8
Luckily (for now), both Dems and Reps have their own share of small states. BlueCheeseAgain Dec 2022 #10
Maine likes Susan Collins because she's always "concerned." Cyrano Dec 2022 #21
In terms of Senators & the 20 smallest States, the Rethugs have 23 out of 40 possible, we have 17 Celerity Dec 2022 #26
Rhode Island should be bold. jimfields33 Dec 2022 #39
Fixed Celerity Dec 2022 #40
Thanks. You did a great job pointing out the inequity of the senate. jimfields33 Dec 2022 #41
also it's depressing that soon 70% of the seats will be controlled by only 30% of the population Celerity Dec 2022 #43
Inequity of the senate intelpug Dec 2022 #68
Why is Vermont never mentioned in these discussions? Kaleva Dec 2022 #11
And the solution is....51 national senators. GreenWave Dec 2022 #12
Puerto Rico is not at all guaranteed to yield 2 Dem Senators. Celerity Dec 2022 #15
those 4 states should go back to being 1 state. mopinko Dec 2022 #20
Another solution would be for blue cities or counties Genki Hikari Dec 2022 #96
They also only have one Congressional representative. Initech Dec 2022 #42
The makeup of the Senate was a check on the power of the more populous state ripcord Dec 2022 #44
Yep. Exactly as intended when Cyrano Dec 2022 #45
What power would Californians have treestar Dec 2022 #53
More people in CA voted for TFG then in many smaller states combined Kaleva Dec 2022 #83
With a population of almost 40 million, of course the Cyrano Dec 2022 #88
And they probably feel like they don't get representation in the Senate Kaleva Dec 2022 #89
Yes indeed. Especially the Electoral College treestar Dec 2022 #92
Technically speaking KentuckyWoman Dec 2022 #47
Shall we talk about the Dakota Territories? gldstwmn Dec 2022 #54
A few dozen????? USALiberal Dec 2022 #61
States like CA are stuck in a "constitutional straightjacket". roamer65 Dec 2022 #64
Senate should be dissolved, along with the electoral college. Mosby Dec 2022 #75
538,000. Why distort the real numbers when they are truly horrible? Voltaire2 Dec 2022 #79
We could probably do away with states all together Kaleva Dec 2022 #84
Good luck getting buy in on that here. Imperialism Inc. Dec 2022 #86
"wyoming has a few dozen people..." orleans Dec 2022 #93
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