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1. Very nice post. You nailed her exactly.
Tue Dec 13, 2022, 12:27 AM
Dec 2022

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IMO her penchant for tank-tops at her non-spring chicken age among suited colleagues is a tell-tail sign and fits in quite neatly to your theory.

She looks sillier and sillier and kookier and kookier as she tries this party-leaving move to avoid a primary and thus keep her Senate seat, but it's way too late as she's below water in approval ratings with republicans and independents, and way below water among Democrats who mostly despise how she personally torpedoed the Biden agenda (and her own base) time and time again, once with a thumbs down, look-at-me move in the well of the Senate.

Ya can't get anymore narcissistically silly than that.

Basketball Jones [View all] H2O Man Dec 2022 OP
Very nice post. You nailed her exactly. brush Dec 2022 #1
I try to like people. H2O Man Dec 2022 #2
"IMO her penchant for tank-tops at her non-spring chicken age..." 3catwoman3 Dec 2022 #7
I remember H2O Man Dec 2022 #8
Not to change the subject, but Basketball Jones is a Cheech and Chong song, and dig this man Hugh_Lebowski Dec 2022 #3
I just watched the video since it BigmanPigman Dec 2022 #5
It was a short film H2O Man Dec 2022 #12
yeah I'm sorry but to ME it's really not 'racist' Hugh_Lebowski Dec 2022 #13
Barry White and Chris Rock H2O Man Dec 2022 #16
A good bit from Apple. H2O Man Dec 2022 #9
My mom to me as a child: you can't remember your prayers but you can remember all the ... Hassin Bin Sober Dec 2022 #17
Sheeeit ... my old man turned me on to Cheech and Chong when I was 12 Hugh_Lebowski Dec 2022 #18
Wow. Perfectly incisive. Easterncedar Dec 2022 #4
Thank you! H2O Man Dec 2022 #10
KnR. n/t iluvtennis Dec 2022 #6
Thanks! H2O Man Dec 2022 #11
She's an oddball for sure. spanone Dec 2022 #14
Right. H2O Man Dec 2022 #15
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