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Ms. Toad

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4. I just joined Post.
Tue Dec 13, 2022, 02:03 AM
Dec 2022

Small community so far. No built-in acccessibility features (a concern I've raised about Mastadon), but it's still in the beta stage. Much more accessible from an ease-of getting-started standpoint than Mastadon. (The functionality is a lot like Twitter - but there are no ads and users can choose to make their content free or paid (on a post-by-post basis; participation earns you at least some of the coins of the realm, and users can tip other users for helpful, inspiring, etc. posts. (I got a penny tip on my first post).) So if you feel like it you can make it a mini-blogging site that might actually make a bit of money for you - either in tips, or because you restrict your content ot paid access.

So far it seems like decent place - I didn't run into any bad behavior. Looking at posts since it got up and running, they seem to be transparent and responsive to concerns about how the platform is working. https://post.news/

I signed up for the waiting list to be added, promptly forgot about it, and discovered they gave me an invitation to join 5 days later - nearly 2 weeks ago. (They did a mass add of everyone on the waiting list - so I'm not sure how quickly more will be added since that's going from a few thousand to potentially 375,000 in one fell swoop.) Here's a referral link - I don't know if it gets you higher on the wait list or not: https://post.news/?r=dV4lJ

I'll probably terminate one of my twitter accounts (former work account), and leave the other just hanging there. I rarely interact with twitter (last two interactions were August 20 and Nov 4), but having the account there will let me see anything I decide is important to check out that I need to log in to see.

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