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Ms. Toad

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16. I have joined Post. (Post.news)
Tue Dec 13, 2022, 05:16 PM
Dec 2022

Last edited Tue Dec 13, 2022, 08:42 PM - Edit history (1)

I rarely interact with twitter (aside from following links from here). My last two interactions there were August and November. But it is sometimes handy to have a login, so I'll delete my (former) work account but keep my personal one.

Post. so far looks to be an interesting place. The interface is pretty and relatively easy to use. Lots of people are posting photos - so there's that visual appeal, as well. It is not accessible by default, but there are calls to make it more accessible - and the site owners have been pretty responsive to user requests (it's in beta right now). It is ultimately more likely to be accessible than Mastadon since it there is a single set of rules (rather than each server creating their own), and it doesn't have the complexity of multiple servers - which makes it more accessible from a technological standpoint.

About 2 weeks ago they let everyone on the waiting list in - not sure what the status is now - but the waits have been short.

ETA: My former work account has been deactivated - so I've contributed one account to anyone tracking the number of deactivations.

No I'm still planning to fight the bullshit! Initech Dec 2022 #1
I'm with you on that! CaptainTruth Dec 2022 #2
Yeah if we cave, they win! Initech Dec 2022 #9
❤️ ✿❧🌿❧✿ ❤️ Lucinda Dec 2022 #4
I'm with you. revmclaren Dec 2022 #7
I think I signed up for one BillyBobBrilliant Dec 2022 #3
Not sure why people keep asking. brooklynite Dec 2022 #5
It just keeps getting worse ColinC Dec 2022 #6
As previously stated, I've muted the RW voices. brooklynite Dec 2022 #10
At this point it becomes an issue of funding right wing extremism ColinC Dec 2022 #12
I'm not responding to any of the ads so I'm not funding him. brooklynite Dec 2022 #13
And as long as you don't share posts without fact checking them constantly ColinC Dec 2022 #14
How do you delete a Twitter account? Laura PourMeADrink Dec 2022 #8
You deactivate it, then wait thirty days without logging in ColinC Dec 2022 #11
Thanks so much for that. I had looked before and didnt Laura PourMeADrink Dec 2022 #19
Yes mercuryblues Dec 2022 #15
I have joined Post. (Post.news) Ms. Toad Dec 2022 #16
Only reason I've kept it running is I'm watching a replacement project. rogue emissary Dec 2022 #17
Can't delete what I never had. /nt sdfernando Dec 2022 #18
How about if you don't want anything to do with Twitter, you just go right on and do that? Emrys Dec 2022 #20
Yes. I deleted. I will not be an asset to that piece of garbage. nt Maru Kitteh Dec 2022 #21
I logged out of my second attempt at keeping an account, but think I won't ever remember Backseat Driver Dec 2022 #22
I'd do it Genki Hikari Dec 2022 #23
yes, sadly. Elon's "pronoun tweet" was a step too far BlueWaveNeverEnd Dec 2022 #24
After I learned that he used his platform to bully a former employee ColinC Dec 2022 #25
my account still exists but i've been logged out since the day musk took over Takket Dec 2022 #26
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